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Thread: Happy Trail

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    Default Happy Trail

    When do you usually get a happy trail cause I still don't have one. Nor do I want one (will be shaven) but just wondering when you get em.

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    If you don't have one yet, you should probably develop one soon. It should come in a little after your pubic hair does.

    DIGRESSION! ...For some reason, my happy trail veers off to the side of my bellybutton.

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    Probably within the next 4-6 most people.

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    By 16 I had a happy highway still do it keeps me warm.

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    I got mine when I was 12... :\ It depends on the person. Every human's life and body is uniquely their own man.

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    I got mine when I was 13, but I shave it, because it's a big, ugly, millapede that looks like it's going for my navel like in The Matrix! :0

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    I got mine around 16 so expect one shortly although it varies for some, you may never get one.

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    I have a very thin one and it's pretty ugly, I think it would look better shaved.

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    I have no clue when I got mine. Definitely not at age 16 though. I can't remember when I started forcefully removing it either.

    That said,there's plenty of guys who'll never get a happy trail or any hair on their chest, no matter if they're 16, 18, 20 or 87! Maybe you're one of those.


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