While tinkering around with a box I was building from my scrap parts (case, old mobo, 256mb RAM, 20gig hdd... literally just scrap) Remembering how when I had these parts and they were new, high end, and expensive... how little I knew about computer systems and how badly I wanted a free service around 24/7 to walk me through maintenance, repairs, and installs no matter the brand, product, without a time limit. Thats when I hatched an idea...

Why not have an AIML bot capable of keeping track of users issues, being able to give patient sound support while somebody attempts to fix their systems , give walk troughs, work at the users pace, and be able to remember particular cases... and perhaps follow up on the user's issue after it has been resolved.

In the long run Perhaps even get support from hardware and software companies to use the system created (I'd more then likely make it an Open Source sorta deal) Not that this is to replace humans, but would be the downtime support for companies when live bodies are not available or on long waits.

I'd love to do this when I have the means, but I am far from being able to write everything into the database, or even set one up (I have no Database experience). Plus with my current time constraints it would take years to set this thing up.

Just shooting it out to guys who like nifty projects (mm3!) if you want to help out.

I'd post more detail but this is a public forum and I'd like this to stay... my idea because I WILL roll the ball on this; just not yet.