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Thread: so im new here

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    Default so im new here

    im 17 years old from las vegas and a DL
    i figured that out when i was about 13 and had to be the baby when we were playing house.
    i am a punk rocker at heart and hope to do something tech related when i grow up. im here to find other teenagers to talk to that are going through the same tribulations and triumphs of being a teenager as i am.

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    Well hello mr.Mike.

    I've been to Las Vegas before when i was...12. WOW that's a big city...and i live in florida! Loved the rollercoasters though, but i've heard that they took the rollercoaster off the top of the stratosphere and replaced it?

    Anyway. That's quite the interesting way to find out, playing house XD, is that house or House? (kudos if you get the reference XP)

    You're a year older than me so i guess i fall under the 'other teenagers...that are going through the same tribulations and triumphs..." (by the way. I love the word Tribulations.) So, hit me up some time!

    OH! i forgot! (how could i, it's the most important part) Welcome to Adisc!


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    Another Vegas kid Welcome to ADISC Mike!

    I think you're number 5 from Vegas here haha. Hope you enjoy the site

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