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    Default Cloth Diaper Rashes

    I know theres stuff in the Wiki on this but i wanna know a lil more.

    Does anyone have any ways of preventing diaper rashes in cloth
    diapers? i have never worn but i assume cloths aren't as good at
    keeping the water off your skin as disposables are so naturally
    they would cause rashes faster.

    Also, With cloth do you change with only one wetting? Ive heard
    of some people doing that.


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    I guess it depends on your personal susceptibility. I haven't noticed any problem with rashes while using cloth for any length of time that the diaper itself will endure. I guess if you were wearing massively thick diapers and kept wearing them, the ongoing wetness would be more of a problem, but for anywhere up to overnight, it hasn't been a problem for me thus far.

    If you're still concerned, have a look over this: Diaper rash: Prevention - although it's primarily aimed at babies, the principle is the same and these are medical folks besides.

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    Apply some baby-oil and gently rub it into the skin, wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed. Then apply a light dusting of baby-powder to help prevent any chafing of the skin. Don't wait until your diaper is thoroughly soaked before changing it, you should have no problem with diaper rash.

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    I can't give much advice for preventing cloth diaper rash because I have yet to experience a rash from wearing cloth. My nighttime diapers stay on for about 10 hours, and I change roughly every 4 hours in the daytime. So I'm spending a decent amount of time wet. I guess if you experience rashes with cloth, the best thing to do is change more frequently. Oh, and be careful about using Desitin and Vaseline with cloth... they can be difficult to wash out.

    I have developed rashes wearing disposables. Actually, not bona-fide diaper rashes but severe itchiness and a little redness to the skin--it basically feels like extremely dry skin. This even happens when the diaper is completely dry. What I'm getting at is that, depending on your skin, a disposable diaper may actually be worse than cloth. Disposables are great at keeping wetness away from skin, but I have the feeling that they can draw moisture from the skin as well. That, or I'm allergic to the scent in Bambinos

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    I too have had no ill affect wearing cloth diapers, mostly worn at night. The problem arises if you leave them on too long, because the pee will degrade to ammonia, and that will create problems. I use Johnson's baby lotion, which I always put on in the morning whether I'm going to wear or not. I just like the stuff, and it puts me in the right state of mind for the whole day.

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    Well I know that I always tell my Customers that you sould always take care to air out for at least an hour after wearing diapers for more then 10 hours. Also an addition to the lotions would bit powder. I know that DF and I have never had any problems from the rashes as we always take to change a clothie often. You do not have to change after each wetting though, we wear at night, and i know for a fact that I Wet many times through then night and have had no problems. THough if you are looking to start to not get one that is more then 5 layers just to be safe.
    Also Be careful with what Plastic pants you get. The only problem I have ever had was the ever constent issue of the elastic of the pants may dig into your leg if too tight, but loss will make you leak. I am still in the ever going hunt for the right brand to point out to anyone that buys one of my diapers.

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