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Thread: People will believe anything

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    Arrow People will believe anything

    I just happened across this story. I'll admit, I thought it was a little funny, but damn. What do you think?

    Feel free to post any other such things to lower our faith in humanity .

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    Awww, Poor man! I hope he gets all his stuff back! Shame on those who took his stuff, despite his protests.

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    Several events very similar to this have happened in the last couple of years and been given a wide ammount of media coverage. Its an awfull way to get revenge =/ I bet that atleast some of the people there had heard about fake postings like this happening before and were just their to haul away everything not nailed down.

    From what it looks like to me it's not so much of a case of people willing to believe everything but rather people willing to steal anything =/

    Either way it does lower my faith in humanity =/

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    Yeah, people make themselves extra stupid if it means getting free stuff.

    It's a pretty good way to get revenge on someone though...

    How did the people get into his house? Surely he locked the door!

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    yet another reason not to piss someone off... and something I'll have to add to my ways to get back at someone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    How did the people get into his house? Surely he locked the door!
    The article indicates that people took stuff from his shed and front porch. There's no mention of actualy going in the house (which, I assume, was locked).

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    That's actually really scary - and the people refused to stop even after learning who he was. "It was in an ad on craigslist, so it must be true!" Mob mentality + free stuff with a little webpage printout so they can try and claim legitimacy

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