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    Heard something on the radio this morning on the above. Apparently the FCC is ruling today on something that sounds suspiciously like the Fairness Doctring, ie, censorship of the internet. Didn't have time to research it yet, but that's where I'm off to now. I'll be back, after I find out if its necessary to light a fire under my elected representatives.

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    Nope, you've got it all wrong. The Fairness Doctrine required broadcast media to present both sides of a issues. Net Neutrality simply requires network operators to pass all traffic, regardless of source, destination, content or protocol. If Net Neutrality rules were not in place, my ISP (Verizon) could decide that it was paying for too much bandwidth to route traffic to servers hosted by AT&T, and throttle access to those servers. Or, in a more sinister manner, could sign a deal with Yahoo!, to prioritize traffic to and from Yahoo! servers, to the detriment of traffic to and from Google servers.

    There is also an argument against creating a so-called "tiered Internet", by allowing people to pay for better access. This would mean that instead of the current system (at least, in the US) where you can purchase more last mile bandwidth, but your packets get routed the same as everyone else's, people would be able to pay their ISP for priority routing. Personally, I don't have a problem with the status quo. It's limited to amount of bandwidth only in the last mile (generally where the bottle neck is, anyway). I don't want FiOS subscribers to be able to basically flood the network with higher priority traffic, and make it impossible for me to use my DSL connection.

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    Thanks. I heard it when I was first waking up. Obviously undercaffeinated.

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    The Fairness Doctrine is still baloney because networks present the opposing side of their thinking with the weakest possible comebacks so they could slam their high-horse arguments as gospel to those who watch.

    As far as Net Neutrality; it's somewhat of a mixed bag for me. Yes passing all traffic certainly bodes well with me as I use bittorrent, but tiered internet certainly rubs me the wrong way as dcviper explained it quite well. Having a borked connection because someone else pays for higher priority over me isn't a good thing.

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