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Thread: Driver's license

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    Question Driver's license

    After talking to quite a few people about this I'm curious how it is for you all. 1. see the poll, 2. How much did/would it cost in total for all lessons and exams if you don't fail?

    Here it'll cost me 1400EUR which is: $1968.78

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    It was around $480 for my Drivers' Ed Classes, and I forget how much for the actual test... Around $100 I think?

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    It probably cost me $200 total. I took Driver's Ed through my high school.

    And I have my motorcycle license too, but that only cost like...$40.

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    Drivers Ed is going to cost me about 600 dollars, and with all the money I've put into school I just haven't had it to spend. Then my road test is something like 100 to drive, which isn't bad.

    I have a car and everything... I just need to learn how to drive. :P

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    Probably cost me around $400 altogether.

    When I took driver's ed 6 year's ago, it was $350 in my town. It's now up to $800+, which is absurd. I think it may be an incentive to have kids wait until they are a little older so there are not as many young people on the road.

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    0$ for drivers ED, probably less than 50$ for the tests (I don't remember).

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have driving authorizations for "car" and "motorcycle". Whooo-hooo!

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    In ontario we've got this ridiculous licensing system. First you write a test and get the G1. Then you have to wait a year (or 8 months if you take driving school) to get the G2. Then you have to wait another year so you can take a road test to get your G, which is the final step. If you wait too long to get the next step, the whole process starts over. No refund.

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    In Ohio, assuming you are over 21 (I was) and you don't require drivers ed (only for the kiddies), it cost me $45. However, I wonder if the high cost of licensing over in Europe contributes to the generally safer roads?

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    $10 for my permit, $25 for the license. Easiest tests of my life!

    And people wonder why Arizona has such terrible drivers!

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