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Thread: Assurance or Certainty brand Diapers?

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    Default Assurance or Certainty brand Diapers?

    What would be best for someone who does not wear alot. Like only in the evenings, and don't wet much? Walmart Assurance Brand Diapers, or Walgreens Certainty Fitted Briefs??

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    I think they're both equally crappy. Buy one of each and find out which you prefer.

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    I remember getting some of the generics that Rite Aid sold and found them to be quite a bit better than expected. Equally good, if not better than, Depend.

    However, that was many years ago.

    As for those two, they're probably about the same as far as quality. I'd probably go for the Certainty if only to avoid the Wal-Mart factor.

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    CVS "Day & Night"s are the same too only I find less bad tapes or incompleatly cut leg holes. Their cheep, fun and easy to get. Staple the tape tabs to the back sheet, don't wet more than once and they'll serve well. I'm wearing one as I type this as I often use them for a "work night" diaper.

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