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    Default German Diaper Brands

    Just curious.

    Has anyone tried any of the brands on There's a whole bunch there I haven't seen before, and it'd be interesting to see how they compare. They seem fairly cheap too.

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    Which brans are you talking about? Most brands are internationally available, like Tena (all over Europe), Molicares (all over the world), Abriform etc.

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    Well really just the ones we aren't too familiar with, such as Lilfit, Vlesi-form, and so on, that don't have reviews on the wiki.

    I just happened to notice one or two people who had said they ordered from this place before.

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    I'Ve heard of quite a few people outside of Germany who have ordered stuff from that place. Over here in Germany, it's kind of the biggest online supplier of diapers, so most AB/DL will have run into the site at one point or another. I've also been to their physical store/warehouse.

    I'm not sure about the diaper names you mentioned though. I've never tried them as I try to buy diapers in bigger quantities now that Ebay doesn't have any decent offers any more (a few years ago, you could snatch some odd brands for real cheap) to save money. And when I buy lots of diapers, I want to make sure I like them, so I don't go for the odd brands.


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    SAVE Express (the store mentioned) truly has a lot of different diapers...
    I used to order loads of single ones just to test them out - probably tried approx. 70% of what they had on store.

    My favorite diapers are:
    - Abri Form X-Plus
    - Molicare Super Plus

    But I only regularly buy the Tena diapers these days...

    Of the other "odd brands" I've tried:
    - Abri WING Air Plus (japanese thing I guess...) these are expensive - but very discrete, comfortable and well fitting ... I use them often for travelling - the thinnest version and they seem to work very well.

    - Absorin: I don't like them - they don't fit me well, and the tapes didn't stick to well either... not too comfy.

    - Beesana - actually not bad. the plastic is quite nice, if rustly... although nowhere close to a tena or molicare in regards of "functionality" and comfort

    - Depend / Barme (THIS IS NOT THE USA Depends - completely different product): Nothing special... nice plastic but did leak on me pretty quickly

    - EURO Slips: Actually quite nice and well working - I have used them often, fit and absorption are good - comfort is very good too... close to a tena imho.

    - Forma-Care: I couldn't care any less... not too comfy, not to well working either...

    - ID Medica SLIP: Bulky, Stiff, saggy - wet feeling, not too well fitting.

    - Kolibri Slip: Quite decent... better than the average diaper - but not close to a Tena/AbriForm/Moli...
    On a side note if you fit into the L (I usually wear M - but L does work too) it really feels great - absorption is about 4300ml! it's very bulky... I kind of like it - but not for every night.

    - Ribo Slip: Couldn't care less... nothing special

    - Seni: never got those to fit me right... always leaky... not good imho.

    - Vlesi Slip: actually not bad... but not my favorite.

    The worst diaper I've had to wear was called "SENECTA" - I guess it's a swiss thing.
    When I started to wet the bed at 6 again, mom at first bought me the largest pampers which did exist back then - it didn't fit well and I didn't like them (didn't want to feel like a baby - it was humiliating enough to wet the bed again and have to wear diapers).
    On her quest to find something that would fit me well - we went through different diapers.
    One of them was the smalles size of the Senecta diapers... and many years later I tried them again. AWEFUL!
    My mom was quick to realize that they were no good (thanks!!) and I guess the first brand we stuck with was attends - not too sure though... later came the TENA in the Extra Small and then Small size - later then Medium. So for the most part of my bedwetting life I've been a Tena-customer

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    Thanks for all the reviews... I have often thought about ordering some diapers from them since I like trying all different kinds.

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