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Thread: Anyone been to a therapist about this? What did they say?

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    Default Anyone been to a therapist about this? What did they say?

    So here's a question for you guys - anyone been to a therapist or counselor about this fetish, and if so, what did they recommend? Did they recommend that you stop, because it's an addiction? Encourage you to accept, because it's not going to go away. Tell you to take medication to reduce the OCD?

    Really curious, and really want honest answers! Thank you all!


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    I'm AB/DL out of necessity to offset my bipolar and panic disorders. While my doc couldn't professionally say keep doing what you're doing, he said exactly that off the record if you will. That's just me, YMMV. I have things fairly well balanced out and I keep my AB lifestyle at a safe and sane level.

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    Default Good for you babykitty

    Hey babykitty - good for you! and thank you for the honest reply.

    I can understand or relate to your sitution somewhat, I think loosly in the context of OCD or thoughts... I know that probably doesn't make sense...

    But thank you, and glad you're doing well!


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    I personally have never gone to a therapist about my issues due to a combination of factors of being worried about weird opinions and my personal non-necessity to see a therapist about my fetishes. I accept myself for who I am. I am a tb/dl and damn proud of it. Yet I cannot say the same result for everybody who responds to this topic. And I have never seen you at this site before. Welcome to ADISC!

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    I had to see a psychiatrist at a mental facility when I was in college. I had a number of problems, infantilism being the least. I had most of the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, and other problems. He wasn't as concerned about my being a DL, and thought I would outgrow it. I didn't, nor did I outgrow some of the other problems. What I did do was learn to live with them, and not hurt myself or others.

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    I have been in therapy for other issues over 10 years. I finally mentioned it to my Dr. after 8years. About a year after I finally told him about my dolls. He likes to see it as connecting me to a time when my parents cared for and took care of me. I maintain it just feels right.

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    I have been to a therapist for other reasons, but never felt comfortable enough with them to reveal that much. I feel that I can only open up and talk to my closest friends, in my opinion they are the best therapists out there. It seems that doctors just want to prescribe drugs to "fix" you, but will inevitability cause new symptoms that you may not be able to manage as easily.

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    Default Well, I'll open up myself...

    Well encouraged by the replies, I'll share my own experience... and I do this with sincerity...

    The biggest thing in my life has always been my faith. In the context of that, and having had grown up in a messed up family (my dad really shamed me growing up, and both parents were very very angry people) when puberty hit, and of course normal masturbation was an issue, I felt horrible horrible horrible wretched undeserved guilt about it. In fact, I couldn't get over it. I know... it sounds ridiculous.... But it was tragic. A normal fact of life - masturbation, which I didn't even do regularly, was ripping me apart with guilt. Couldn't sleep, etc....
    This went on into my 20's when, because I was so messed up (by just normal masturbation) that I could hardly function because I obsessed about the guilt sooo much, ... i began my journey of seeing counselors...

    There are sooo many parallels between the "horrible" (I know, ridiculous!) problem of masturbation for all of those years,... and the diapers - for the last 8 years. Same guilt (although, it's gotten better as I've aged); same tormenting thoughts of "I should quit", etc... but then justifying, and not wanting to quit...

    Alright, I'm boring many out there, I'll wrap up.... Went to a psych facility couple of years ago - was diagnosed with OCD and fetishism. I have not been able to overcome diapers.... A counselor (a sexologist) a year ago said either accept them or just quit. She didnt' really seem troubled that I did diapers, and was pretty understanding. Christian counselors said it was a sin (pretty much). One christian counselor said it wasn't a sin.

    I've shared too much. Thanks all.

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    Interestingly, adults in charge of their own therapy aren't usually in it over their fetishes unless said fetish dominates their life. Therapy for people over their being dl seems to be dominated by anxious parents dragging their kids in to be looked at.

    Try to imagine, some parent toting their youngster to a therapist and saying... "My kid is gay... but that's not the issue... OMG HE LIKES GUYS IN LEATHER!! AND HE WANTS TO DRESS UP IN LEATHER HIMSELF!! WHAT'S WRONG???"

    Or "He's straight, but that's not the issue... HE LIKES TO LOOK AT GIRLS IN CHEERLEADER OUTFITS!! O NOES!! CAN YOU HELP HIM??"
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    yes, many therapists. I have had similar experiences to others. All of my therapists have been adamant that infantilism is only a problem if it interferes with my life, or I want to stop. I have always loved wearing diapers, and yes, masturbating in them. I have also experience guilt, although not religious in nature, regarding masturbation (especially wearing a diaper). I mostly experienced guilt after orgasm, and felt weird that I was wearing a wet diaper. I would usually take it off, although I have been through the purge cycle where I threw out $$ diapers, only to buy them again. I have rectified this through introspection & meditation, and by accepting myself, and that God loves me just the way I am. Also read this: Is infantilism OK?

    As for your guilt regarding masturbation (disclaimer - this is my experience/opinion: take it or leave it). I have studied science in college, and sexual exploration/gratification is a natural (god given) reproductive instinct. It is only sinful if it hurts someone else (gets someone pregnant/gives them a STD) or if it interferes with your life/hurts you. If it doesn't do these things, IMHO, it is not a sin. Get over guilt, love yourself (because god already does) and live your life!

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