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Thread: pennsylvania panty diaper lover

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    Default pennsylvania panty diaper lover

    anybody else in or near bensalem pennsylvania would love a real time meet!!

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    Default Welcome!

    Greeting ittylvr!

    Welcome on ADISC. You will have a lot of opportunity to chat with interesting people here.

    Tell us more about you my friend! How's the temperature in Pennsylvania? Here in Quebec, it was overcast all the week.

    May I suggest you some interesting literature

    Getting started on

    Have a nice day!

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    But *slow time* *parties* are the best for *smelling* *pretty colors*! D:

    Also, welcome to ADISC and all that. Might I second the recommendation for that tantalizingly well-written literature?

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    Wow, that is a horrible first post........

    Try introducing yourself first.

    J. from pa*

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    Cheap hook-up community is HERE.

    No necro-posting!

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    Welcome to ADISC! Again itierating that this site isn't one to meet singles. With the provided link, you should introduce yourself to this site; your interests and hobbies, etc.

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