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    Default question depends fitted briefs make any diaper-like sounds when moving?

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    All poly-plastic disposables make some noise. Generally that is only obvious to the ABDL wearing the diaper.

    An effective way to reduce the noise is to cover the disposable with snug knit briefs. Those also help hold the diaper in place and means the tape fastening need not be perfect.

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    really?cool.does the underwear have to be the same size as the disposable or what?thanks for all the help

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    As pointed out above, tight briefs will definately help. While Depend Fitted Briefs are quite noisy, you can still mask them with this method.

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    I have not worn depends in public before, so I haven't tried to cover the sound, but I do know that they are one of the noisiest diapers around. If you are concerned about the noise, it might be an idea to consider another brand. If your selection is limited, just use the depends and experiment with tight fitting clothing as suggested earlier. I use a pair of bike pants sometimes if I am worried.

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