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    Default Adding Extras?

    Mmkays, so I remember seeing on here somewhere that people like to frequently use 'stuffers' and add diapers on top of each other to maximize bulge/wetness support. I'm still using the leftover kiddie diapers while my bambinos are coming in, so I kind of wanted to give this over-layering thing a try. Only question is; how do you do that with a disposable diaper? Do you just slit the front of one a few times, then put a new one over that, or remove the inner lining of one and stuff another..?

    Part of me thought maybe there was a Wiki on here on how to do that, but if there was, I can't find it. -cries-

    Anyone wanna help me out here?

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    This is how I do it. I'm pretty sure this video was made by someone on this sight, can't remember who though.

    YouTube - How to stuff a diaper

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    Yes you mainly just make a few slits in the one you planning to use as a stuffer .

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    that's one way of doing it and yes slitting the front of the dispos from the front around the bottom a bit works as well, i find lots of small cuts works better then a few long cuts. also helps to keep the stuffing in the stuffer diaper.

    and pamperchu did that video, a furend of mine and knowledgeable on diaper related stuff

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    And Darkfinn did another, I'll try to find it. Plus there's my "Apron Method."

    Darkfinn's is proving elusive; it involved how to create a diaper out two baby-ones, and was complicated, but got positive replies, that's all I can remember; if someone else can find it I would be much obliged. My search function isn't being cooperative. Darkfinn's was, I assumed, in Diapertalk but may have been in popular culture sticky.
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    Thanks for the speedy replies, guys.

    I figured I would use one as a stuffer, as done in the video mentioned by link, then slit that one with a bunch of tiny cuts and put a diaper over that. So currently I have three diapers one, technically, and the bulge is so different from what I'm used to. I wonder how much this thing'll swell, hehe.

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