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Thread: What would you like your mommy to do for you?

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    Default What would you like your mommy to do for you?

    So I have a wife, she is a wonderful person to put up with me, and she is willing to actually participate and be a mommy to me sometimes. I just really dont know what to ask her to do for me other than help me with my jammies, and tuck me in and read me a story. If you guys could give me some Ideas it would be great.


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    Luck you. My wife doesn't participate at all, but I wear diapers 24/7 because of my severe urge incon. The main thing I would want her to do would be change my diaper. It gets kinda old doing it on your own. If you really want to roll play, then there are plenty of other ideas. Besides a diaper changing, I would personally like being fed and washed in a bubble bath. So, how's that for a three-pronged approach. Feeding, changing and washing.

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    I think i would make things easy and comfortable at first. Perhaps being around her in diapers at first would be a good test and then maybe ask for a back massage and see what happens from there. I wouldnt ask for diaper changes right off the bat.

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    (Note: I don't have a significant other, but I'll participate)

    I would really wait until a year or two of being in a relationship to tell her. And if she accepts me, then awesome! I'd just tell her "I like wearing diapers" at first before I involve roleplay into this. But then, my ideal "mommy" would just cuddle me, read me a story/watch a movie with me, change me once in a while, bathed, and fed.

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    Being a mommy to a little AB boy, I can say that cuddling is a must! It's a great bonding experience for both of you, and it's really fun. Other than that, there's always changing and bottle/spoon feeding, which can be just as great.

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    You should try and lay in her laps while she bottle feeds you and your all cuddely
    That must be the nicest thing when it comes to ageplay

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    iM GOING to have to say..cuddling, diaper changes, feedings, if ur a naughty baby then punishments, diaper checks in public are always fun!

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    Cuddles would be #1 on my list

    Bottle feeding would be nice, so would bedtime stories or just watching a movie together (preferably something animated).

    Changing... only if she (or he) offered. And even then, I dunno. Our relationship would have to be pretty solid before I'd even consider it.

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    Thanks guys. To give a bit of a background to our relationship, my wife has known about my ab/at side since we were engaged about 6.5 years ago. She has no problems with me being one, and has been super suportive in it as well. Allowing me to have such things as my race car bed, character pajamas and sheets, to sleeping with my plushie everynight including dragging it along on vacations. She has been a decent mommy alot of times when I have asked from bubble baths, bedtime stories, to helping get me dressed for the day. She has even tried to wear a couple times for me, though doesnt really like the amount of heat created by having on on.

    I am just trying to find other ideas to ask cause while she enjoys doing it, she doesnt have great maternial instincts and I am trying to fill in some gaps more than anything.

    Thanks for the ideas, keep em comming.

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    If the only problem she has with them is the heat then have her wear some in the winter. Turn the negative into a positive.

    I would want her to play with me. You know, the normal kid stuff. Cars, blocks, imaginary games with toys, and other various kid games like that.

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