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    I don't really know if I am a furry or not. I like animals, and I enjoy the babyfur art....a

    So yeah can you guys help me out by kind of explaining how to know if you are a furry or not...?

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    There is no test to see if your a furry or not, for one thing. another is you just know you are. There are many different forms of furries. Some who are Lifestylers and go all out with it. Others are just Artists who feel they are part of the fandom, and then there are just people who associate themselves within the fandom without really being apart of it. it really depends on you mostly. Do you feel you are a furry or just a fan boy/girl of the fandom?

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    well since being "furry" is not a written down absolute final thing...I have no

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    Hmmm. Well if you feel like you are a furry (like you have a fursona) then you're probably a furry. I, myself, am not 'really' a furry. I'm more of an inumimi, but I do associate myself with the fandom. Think about it for a while, explore it some more, and, hey, just go with the flow.

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    well I say have a fursona...but it is just an animal I like with my characteristics....I have it for no special is just sort of there

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    I'm just going to go out and say it. Yes you are a furry. If you become active in the community (it seems like your not) your fursona will develop. If you like it, don't worry about the label. It's as sticky as a post-it-note. If you want to remove it, no problem. Also, the more active you get, the more you will like it. So I say go for it. Stick on that label and have a ball.

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    I'm just an internet furry I have no interest in buying a fursuit and going to a convention...:P

    nothing against those who do though

    of course

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