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Thread: martial artis tornament..

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    Default martial artis tornament..

    nah, just kidding.. im just wondering if anyone stdies whats known as 'military arts or sports' these are largely lumped with combt sports like fencing, military medieval reenacting (ifor the purpose of this thread it conts) karate/ Tae kwan do
    in thisassessment i also include archery... not gunnery,im really not interested in yourgun shooting skills.

    asfor me, officially im a student of okinawan karate, a slight custom vrsion devised by my sensei that heavily emphasises stret fighting and practical defense, he also has, technically seperate but conducted in the sam building, the crriculum ofkyukyan kobudo, or weapons,
    such as the Bo staff, sai nunchuku and kama
    i have an interest in most sword arts and have a steadily growing collection of cheapish blunt swords such as a wushu style dao and a tai-chi style jian straight sword as well as a .. decent quality 'wallhanger' katana set.

    i also aspire to learn kendo and iaijutsu, and maybe after ive studied abit more karate i may jointly take up wing chun kung fu

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to take Philipino Stick Fighting (Escrima) until I had a completely unrelated injury (diving) that resulted in me losing some of my balance, coordination, and dexterity. But it was a blast when I could do it.

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    I took american freestyle but hurt my knee

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    wow that was fast. frestyle what? whats freestyle martial arts..

    escrima is pretty cool from what i hear. ut yeah, i also knowtheres a guy around here that does korean martial arts.

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    its a form of karate that focus on grappling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    its a form of karate that focus on grappling
    sounds like bresilian jui-jutsu, or aikido

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    I've done: (Though not progressed particularly far in

    Fencing, karate (Sun Kyo style, or something like that. LONG time ago.), boxing, kick boxing, muai thai, aikido, taekwondo.

    Proud moment though: I lost 4-3 to the womens British fencing champion in my first ever fencing lesson. Apparently I'm a natural, though I could never get into it due to the strikes being so specific and my energy wanting to include flair and freestyle. I wasn't really a fan of competition style fencing.

    I quit taekwondo because we had a rather cruel teacher. The lessons became painful.

    Karate was a phase, kick boxing wasn't flair enough for me, boxing wasn't my thing, Muai Thai scared the hell out of me, Aikido? I wanted to continue that oh so dearly, but it meant getting up and travelling rather far on a Saturday morning plus funding.

    I was pretty damned good at Aikido, even to the point my teacher and I had a little playful feud between each other. I was excelling past him in using jo whilst he frequently owned me with bokken. I took out his balls, he dislocated my shoulder. Good memories.

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    Whoo, where do I start?

    My folks put me into Korean martial arts against my will when I was five. I didn't want to do it, but then they told me that my cousin (who was also my rival at everything) was starting, and suddenly got interested. A month later he quit, but I kept going. Ten years later when I finaly quit to focus on school and work, I had a black belt in hap ki do, a black belt in kung shin bup, and I was the youngest kyo so nim in the city. That was the height of my martial arts career. I was fairly light and in good shape, so most of my training consisted of controlled sword play, wall-kicks, and weapons training. I was a lot more flexible back then too.

    Kind of wish I had stuck around. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get back into it. if I ever get the chance I'd like to do some MMA fighting. I think I'd do pretty okay. Look for me in the welter weight division.

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    chillhouse, what sort of korean sword was it? was it those ones that look like katanas or ? something closert in looks to the chinese sabres.. its just im stuck in abit of a controversy surronding a guy called greg parrk and his choson-ryu nintaijutsu (check youtube for details) and im hoping to get a more external idea on the korean martial arts because unlike china and japan, koreas got a murky history when it comes to martial arts. if you remember all that stuff from those heydays of course. and like what the swprdplay was like, was it mainly one handed, two handed. switching between both maybe, single edged, double edged?

    also, WOW i can see the communities got some talented fighters ^_^ and here i was worried i was the only martial artist here..
    error404. regarding fencingsword... try chinese sword, the basis of the jian is likee the rapier, i.e thrust, but it has alot more flare to i as well i think youd like it based on what yo say... also, for freestyle sword, id say pick up a wushu style dao and take alook at some chinese forms to get the general idea of movesets, and just have fun after that. and whats jo like btw, i mean im in the middle of doing Bo for karate, and ialso like sword so i thought.. why not jo? as i understand one of the stances is i think like chudan posture wth the sword i.e holding over your head, the sword about 45degrees with the ground etc.

    oh and... i gotta remember to phograph it too, i managed to slice, quite cleanly might i add, a water filled 2L plastic miilk carton, using my sabre, ill upload the pictures when i can.. (if you have any equiptmentleft maybe take some for the hell of it, when i get backto the dojo ill photograph my Bojust to complete the collection.)

    oh and i almost forgot.. im also doing some casual 'heere and there' archery when i have timeto travel, and spend time at the butts at my quite close, local soccer field on sundays, i just borrow some, sock arrows and bow and equiptment and give them back when i leave.
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    My dad started me in Judo around age 6 or 7. Went to a lot of tournaments until we moved out to the 'burbs and the dojo was too far away. Participated in the world's oldest sport (and oldest martial art - wrestling) through high school and college. Dabbled in fencing and aikido after that.....

    Too old to do it competitively any more, but Junior and now grandsons are into it.

    If you're a wrestling fan, Universal Sports broadcast this years Greco and Freestyle world championships last week. I love Greco Roman.

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