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Thread: How thick is the best

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    Default How thick is the best

    I love wearing thick diapers. I heard someone on here before saying to slit the diaper then put another one on top of it. Well I did and loved it. I think the more the better. Nothing like wearing a diaper the has the thickness of 4+ diapers. I've tryed 8 depends before. Gotta love trying to walk. I want to know how many people do this and have they ever had someone diaper them.

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    If your doubling up like that or more, it would be better to actually buy thicker diapers I think to make it cost effective.

    so I suggest getting Abri X-plus, Bambino or Dry 24/7-Medium/large.

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    I dont always do it. It's a once in awhile thing. I havent tryed any of the suggested diapers but I would love to. I also would like to buy some cloth diapers to try it with. I have never worn a cloth diaper befor and im dying to try

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    Cloth diapers are... in another league of thickness compared to disposables. Cloth kind of needs to be; it lacks SAP, so in order to equal the absorbency of say a Bambino with an Abri-Let doubler, I've found that I need to use two prefolds. This ends up being about twice as thick as the disposable/doubler combo. Try this site for some great prefold cloth diapers: Changing Times

    These are what I use. They are very well-made and very soft (more comfortable than a disposable, I think). You could also go with fitted all-in-one or pocket diapers (this site has some excellent ones: Adult Cloth Diapers by Snap-EZ 4 Life - Home), but they aren't as bulky as flat/prefolds, if bulk is what you are looking for.

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    I would rather add a stuffer or stuffers, most of the time when you double or multilayer the inner diaper gets wet and only passes so much leakage on to the next, and then the inner starts to overflow and miss the outers.

    I like adding 2 microfiber towels to my diapers, it works well and dosen't waste diapers, like multilayering does.

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    Here's what you do...and I've said this before.

    Get Abena X-Plus, and Abena Abri-Let Maxi Boosters...and Abri-Let Normal Boosters.

    The order goes like this: Diaper...Maxi Booster...Normal Booster...your hiny. You won't be disappointed.

    (This can also be done with a Bambino, Secure X-Plus, or Dry 24/7)


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    Inch to inch-and-a-half-thick is the best.

    Here's my style:

    Diaper on bed. Lay a large folded liner in the back. Lay a baby diaper in the front that has had its elastic stripped, as well as the tape landing zone and cloth-like cover peeled off (for softness and flexibility). Lay another peeled baby diaper in the back.

    Alternative style: Cut open a couple diapers and transplant fluff into another open diaper. Tape up and enjoy (though a bit lumpy).

    Third method: Wear a diaper with extra tape at the sides for reinforcement. Get a round inflatable and hand pump. Stick inflatable in front or back. Start pumping to feel the tightness. Enjoy, roll around, bounce a little, smack yourself. It's fun!

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    I'll usually cut slits into two medium sized Bambino diapers and put them on. Then I'll strap a large Bambino over all that and it makes it appear as though I have one super thick diaper on. ^.=.^

    If I want it any thicker, I'll add one more large to all that but I've never gone past that before. ^///^

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    I just think that if you want to wear a diaper you should feel like your wearing a diaper. I want it to suck when walking and I want everone that I am by to hear the plastic.

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    In my opinion, the best choice is to never wear a thicker diaper than you'll feel comfortable with.

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