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Thread: Are we weird?

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    Default Are we weird?

    People with Fetishes in general, (not just specifically people with diaper fetishes). Does having a fetish make us less normal or even weirder than the average Joe who simply gets turned on by C-cups on red heads?

    I'm not going to make this first post a big post, I just wanted to throw the idea out there and see how people respond.

    Also, I'm not sure which forum (AB or Mature), would be more appropriate for this topic.


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    People who are attracted to breasts are weird to me, as I am sure I am weird to them. When I see breasts all I see is a part of the human body which is made of flesh.

    Anyways I think liking diapers in any sort of way enough to where you wear and maybe even use them is strange. However it really doesn't hurt anyone or cause problems. The only bad thing about it is the people that just can't accept seeing a friend or loved one liking diapers. I can perfectly understand thinking its strange and not wanting anything to do with it which I can't blame anyone for.

    The part where it becomes the problem is when either person lets diapers become between them and it utterly destroys their relationship. It can happen both ways.

    A. B doesn't like A any more since he found out he wears and possibly uses diapers time from time.

    B. A spends so much time in diapers or just obsessing about them it drives a wedge between his relationships with his friend B.

    Anyways in short, diapers are strange but then again nearly anything else is too.

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    I don't think it makes up weird, it jsut makes us us. we can't help what our desires are they are programme dinto us and we jsut have to learn to accept them. If the worst thing we do is enjoy wearing our diapersthen we have lived a pretty good life.
    Stay dry,

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    Nah, everybody has their own thing. Unless something is completely controlling your life, though. Then you're weird. (Like the old Japanese men with the anime hug pillows)

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    Depends on who's judging really, some people would find sex that's a little rough 'weird' and find a proper fetish totally bizarre, while others may not bat an eyelid.

    I find that most people see fetishes and BDSM type stuff as being a little strange, but not really weird.

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    It does make us more "weird" then the "average joe" but that applies to almost everything, and even if it applies more to infantilism then to most other things, it is always subjective(to another ab/dl it won't seem weird at all) and actually, I think it doesn't matter if it is more wierd then other things.

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    A fetish is something that is atypical, unusual and deviates from commonly-practised behaviour. Deriving pleasure from, and placing importance on, one item or idea above and beyond it's innate quality is an irrational fixation. That's just what it is by definition; we determine 'weirdness' by measuring actions against norms and all fetishes run against norms.

    But, so what? Weird doesn't mean bad. Getting your kicks from nappies or leather or balloons or whatever else it may be does not become inherently bad or wrong because of its rareness. As social creatures we do place importance on how others consider our behaviour and seek reassurance and security by comparing our behaviour to others. Don't, however, let the concept of weirdness that derives from that human insecurity mean you deny a part of yourself or consider a predilection sinful.

    You are weird if you have a fetish - come to terms with that and realise that pursuing the things that make you happy and give you pleasure is more important than worrying about whether those things are the same as they are for other people; also realise that concepts of what is and isn't normal aren't terribly important or useful. If there is something that fulfils a need for you and doesn't cause harm then you can't let the fact that it may be atypical, unusual and, yes, weird keep you from it. It may bring problems with it and it might be easy to transpose those problems into the belief that its weirdness means it is wrong, but I promise you it's not.

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    Normal and weird are all in the eye of the beholder. It's a perception thing... So this of course means that every last person on the planet is weird.

    So yah.

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