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Thread: Hello from Melbourne

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    Smile Hello from Melbourne

    Hi my name's Damien, i just joined up today and i'd like to make some friends.
    I'm a seventeen year old guy who comes from Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, so far i'm not completely certain of my sexual orientation, but as of late i'm pretty sure i'm gay.

    I like:
    fashion, sewing, drawing, sculpting, painting, architecture, japanese antiques, business and advertising, shopping and fine dining as well as rare or unusual foods.

    My teen baby/diaper lover interests include: disposable diapers, plastic pants/rompers, pacifiers, bottles, pee, poop, humiliation and highchairs/ baby furniture.
    (just so you know, i'm fairly shy until i get to know you, but after that initial shyness i'm generally fairly outgoing and very friendly.
    Sorry about this relatively crappy introduction, at this point i really can't think of any better way to describe myself.
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    wow youve got a full set of interests for a 17 yearold, welcome anyways.

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    lol i just try to experience as much as i can, thanks for the welcome

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    its alright, i see your into japanese antiques.. would that happen to include things of the.. militent nature, *COUGH*, katana *COUGH*

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    lol, it would if i could afford them, unfortunately on my poor high school student budget such things are just a little out of reach. What i really like in the way of Japanese antiques is furniture, especially fune dansu (also commonly known as ships chests).
    Would it be too bold of me to ask what some of your interests are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by z66r2v View Post

    Another Melbournite Welcome.
    howdy, thanks for the welcome. May i ask if you have any interests?

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    *sigh* i've noticed how plentiful they are on here, i just wish i knew one.
    Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome, it's very much appreciated.

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    *Waves hi from across the Tasman*

    Welcome to ADISC

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