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Thread: Oh the thieving ways of my youth...

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    Default Oh the thieving ways of my youth...

    Here's an odd thought...

    Thinking back to the days before I could buy my own diapers (and for those of you who still can't do that)...If you have ever stolen diapers, where do you remember doing it.

    Here's my list:

    -My Aunts house (2 times between the age of 11 and 12)

    -Neighbors house (many times between the ages of 12 and 17)

    -From a classroom in a church (Only 1 time, I had a summer job at the church and discovered diapers in the daycare room that I passed through to leave the building)

    -Parked, unlocked cars (about 3 or 4 times between the ages of 16 and 20)

    -Classroom of a school (Only 1 time, I was working there one summer, found some on a shelf while doing construction work about age 23)

    I feel I should repent somehow...but not so much.


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    As I have mentioned before, I lifted a few from the daycare center in the building I was working in. I was about 24 at the time. I dispisise stealing so I took extra good care of their systems after that. I took a few intended for my roomates son but as I bought them it really wasen't stealing.

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    You asked, so I am going to answer truthfully.

    *Twice from the church nursery (they still have plastic diapers that are older than me!)
    *Once from a bedwetting friend
    *Once from an Ikea "Family Bathroom" with free supplies.
    *Several times from an old diaper bag in the storage room of our church (when I was younger, before they got rid of stuff to remodel.)

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    Well, actually when I was only 4 I remember stealing my cousin's diapers while at my grandpas house, but Im pretty sure that didn't go to well considering my age. Other then that I stole some at this daycare center place when I was 12( I brought my pet rabbit in, because I knew the people and it was around Easter time and they needed someone to bring a rabbit in) so I think I stole a feel n learn and a regular pampers diaper.

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    I took a bunch from daycare between ages 8-13

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    When I was young, I never stole diapers. It was not because I had such high morals or virtue, I just never found a diaper that I knew would fit me. I never saw any value in taking a diaper that was to small to be worn. When I was 14 years of age, I did steal a pair of very frilly, rhumba-style plastic panties from a department store. The plastic pant was covered with a pink nylon material that had ruffles of lace and tiny bows all over it. No, they did not fit my size either, but they were so beautiful I had to have them anyway. I took them from a display table and, as casually as I could, I walked up and down several aisles carrying them. When I thought no one was looking, I shoved them down into the back of my pants. I remember being absolutely terrified that I would get caught stealing them, and have to try and explain to my parents why I took a pair of baby girl's plastic panties in the first place. Within a day or two of getting them home, I tried to wiggle myself into them. They burst and ripped all over, I had ruined them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Within a day or two of getting them home, I tried to wiggle myself into them. They burst and ripped all over, I had ruined them.
    This is a sad story


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    It did keep me from ever stealing anything from a department store again.

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    i stole a pack from target before,they have like no security in the one near my house so i took a pack into a changing room,opened it,put 2 on,some in my purse,and the rest in the pillow case of a pillow i had just bought with my allowance.when i got in the car my mom asked if i was wearing a diaper and i admitted everything but instead of taking them all back she made me wear diapers for a whole year,she threw all of my panties away and said "if you want to wear diapers,then i'm going to make you wear not any other type of undergarments for a year" but she got so used to buying them that she just kept on doing she still makes me wear diapers,im happy though since theyre comfortable,convenient,a good fit,everybody knows i wear them,soft,cute,and have the cutest elmo designs on them ^^ i'm 15 and a DL so it dont matter anyway.most people dont believe this story but its 100% joke no lie.

    its been about two year since that day.i just use my diapers instead of the bathroom..honestly whats the point of using a toilet when you're wearing a diaper???she gets me pampers cruisers size 7 if anyone's curious.
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    sp4kl3z just ruined the thread.
    i answer honestly the only time i stole a diaper was from a bedwetting friend at around 11.

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