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    so i have read that you can buy a prepaid credit card (such as mastercard) and use it online. these credit cards are reloadable and can be purchased at just about anywhere. i know that walmart sells visa but those are 50 and 100 dollar cards. i have also heard that CVS and other participating pharmacies carry mastercard reloadable debit cards which in theory can be used to buy stuff online.

    so does anyone use this method? i also wondered if you had to be 18 to get one (just a thought)? anyway i thought that if you wanted to buy diapers online or buy stuff on ebay you could get one of these and use it.

    thanks, jester

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    Well I have used one that I got last year from doing some canvassing...They were prepaid cards, but not ones you get in like a store, they are the kind you can get at the bank for any amount (within reason) but you can't recharge them...You can use them online though...Age wise, I don't know how old you have to be, but I'm sure you can find out on a bank's site, or at a bank

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    If I remember what another members said before correctly, I think you might have to be 18 to buy the card but you can use it no matter how old you are.

    I think it's a great idea really, in the UK debit cards are really common and you don't have to be 18 to use them so we don't have these prepaid cards, but I guess these cards are just like debit cards but not attached to your bank account.
    But yeah, it's a good idea to use them.

    Maybe you could add this to the wiki? Maybe make a tip section here:
    Just a thought.

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    yes u can get reloadable cards get it from cvs they have cards u can buy and refill it only costs like 4-5 bucks to put any amount on it and u can use it anywere

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    I bought one from a store and I wasn't 18. When I went buy something online with it, it ended up working just fine, so I would recommend this method.

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    ok thanks kams, i wasnt planning on going today because it is pretty cold but maybe tomorrow.

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    If you are going to order online, and you aren't planning on intercepting the package before your parents see, I would suggest telling them you got the card before you order anything, otherwise it could be even more awkward

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    yeah i just ordered it and since it will come as a USPS it will get put in the mailbox where i can get it before my 'rents get home. now i could of saved five dollars and bought it from another site but they ship UPS and they would put it on the door step where my sister would get it. and then i would be screwed. now this idea buying a AMEX card works great (except the $2.95 activation fee). it was a $25 card and i have 6.95 left

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