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Thread: I need a deep fryer, any recommendations?

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    Default I need a deep fryer, any recommendations?

    So the deep fryer I had for just under a year broke, its gone its history ad it was a piece o' shit. (screw 27 dollar deep fryers from wal-mart)

    So do any of you own a deep fryer that actually works and can you give me the brand/model? I got a 8 pound bag of fries in the freezer and like 10 gallons of oil to be used. <_>

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    I don't're from California. You guys don't eat fried foods, just tofu and steamed vegetables. o.O

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    Erm ... a Fry Daddy?

    That's the only brand I even know of, but I've heard good things about it. *shrug*

    I wish you luck in these fry-ing times of yours.

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    I also recommend a Fry Daddy. My Girl Friend have had one for a few years now and it works great. Good luck in finding a new fryer.

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    The presto fry daddy's seem like they can't cook a lot at once. Now I don't host deep frying parties or anything. But there's really nothing better with like 1/2 or 3/4ths a pound of fries, fish or shrimp, well watching football.

    (I also hate batch cooking)

    However hopefully presto fry daddys brand will have something for my need Thanks for the suggestions. As for that California comment, that only applies to the idiots here in California. Tofu is fracking nasty..

    Think I'll be going with this model

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    My crazy uncle made his own once. It wasn't anything more than a glorified bucket, and we had to deepfry out in the driveway, but it worked.

    Best turkey I ever had.

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    Why not get a frying pan, put oil in it put it on the cooker, light it, put your chips in and watch them fry?

    How hard can it be?

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    Recommendations for a deep fat fryer about - Don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluTack View Post
    Why not get a frying pan, put oil in it put it on the cooker, light it, put your chips in and watch them fry?

    How hard can it be?
    You try maintaining temperature control with a frying pan and stove. See how long it takes to heat up too.

    As for the people saying don't get one.. well I want one and I like fried food. This is along the lines of anyone saying you shouldn't buy diapers since you don't need them and from some points, they aren't really healthy. But you do anyways since you like it and you control how much you do it, just like I control how much I eat fried foods.

    Plus like I said, nearly 8 pounds of fries and enough oil to pretty much fry a calf in whole.

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