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    How do ya'll feel about antidepressants? I've been going through a lot of crap lately (long, long story), and so far, just therapy hasn't helped like it should. So I'm considering them.

    Has anyone taken them? What kinds? Side effects? Your experiences? I'm worried that they're going to change who I am, my personality, you know?

    I'm just sick of feeling the way I do, and if there's a possibility they might help, I want to try them. Thanks for your responses.

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    I personally don't like the idea of any drug, not even caffeine. Then again, I've never been in your shoes. If it feals like your depression is out of your controll, then it might be a good time to start looking into some kind of medical aid.

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    duno ill be finding out about them myself soon, good luck

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    I havent taken them myself but look up youtube, I have seen some videos of people uploading videos where they rant of some real harsh side effects which has scared away me from trying it. But you should check out 5HTP, it was nominated the #1 best anti depressant you can get without needing a reciet. and there are none side effects! it has helped me alot!

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    if it changes your personality you wont know yourself, so in my oppinion id go for it as i am soon, side effects are nothing tht cant be fixed...

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    I'd be wary of anything you view on youtube or similar. All drugs have side-effects, reactions between those and other drugs, and contra-indications for certain groups of people.

    The type (*not* brand name) of the drug, the dose, and the method of consumption must be considered, along with your medical history, physiology and existing complaints.

    It's not possible to summarise the effects of antidepressants in a general sense as different drugs use different methods to achieve the desired effect (someone who was just feeling "down" as opposed to someone on the verge of suicide wouldn't be prescribed the same drug, afterall).

    Therefore, i'd rely solely on the advice of your doctor, and genuine drug information websites. One thing that can be said as a generalisation though - usually its advisable NOT to drink alcohol while taking antidepressants. Some may also affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.

    Edit: Also, no doctor should immediately "jump the gun" and start printing off reels of prescriptions for antidepressants without considering your circumstances. In some cases, drugs may not be necessary.
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    From my EVERYTHING you possibly can to avoid going on them. Sure they help, but going off of them sucks. Go talk to a psychologist and give it a serious effort...the drugs may help, but you still have to figure out the cause, and drugs won't do that for you.

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    First - yes - they change your personality - that's what they do. If they don't, they're not working. The question is do they change it for the better.

    I want to acknowledge what Markdude said, and add to it. These drugs do different things for different people; read their warning labels/monographs: the fact that polar opposites are listed as to possible side effects eg.

    may cause excitability or drowsiness; may worsen/lessen the depressive feelings; and so on
    indicates you can't predict their effect: that is a matter of educated guesswork by an experienced doctor, who should follow up with close observation after you start on your regimen.

    Don't fear the things, respect them. Don't expect of them any more than they could do: all kinds of things affect you, from diet to sleep schedule to alcohol intake, to other environmental factors, to real life circumstances; drugs won't cure poverty, finalize a divorce, change your work conditions, or improve your teacher's quality of teaching. At best they can increase your ability to cope with and change your own life.

    But on this they can work wonders, if you are lucky; you might feel no different on them - yet magically and mysteriously find you are more creative, witty, and better at solving things. Your mood may improve: the things that are supposed to be fun suddenly ARE more fun. Happy dreams are substituted for nightmares; you get sound sleep, and wake more refreshed, less groggy, and needing fewer hours of sleep. Or you may experience benefits not listed here.

    My point: be wary, but don't dismiss antidepressants out of hand. Read up on them, so you can recognize unpleasant side effects and report them. Ask lots of questions. Be an informed patient, so you can work with your doctor and your other professionals to achieve the goals you are after.

    If one doesn't work, it may be necessary to try another and another. Stick at it.

    And don't expect your experience to match other peoples'. Take what they say with a grain of salt: the stuff that makes one person manic makes another motivated and active, and may have no effect at all on a third. You might be able to avoid psychotropic drugs period; or they may be critical to your well-being. Listen to others advice, sure, but rely on your own experience and your doctor's opinion in the final analysis. Oh - and find a doctor you trust, and who you believe understands you and your needs, in whom you have faith. Like drugs, one doctor might be able to help some people but be ineffective for you - or be great for you but unable to assist someone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    First - yes - they change your personality - that's what they do. If they don't, they're not working. The question is do they change it for the better.
    well said

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    They won't fix your problems. I feel they are very highly over-prescribed. They are meant mainly for people who can't feel happy over good things (people that don't actually have problems), but they're prescribed to anyone depressed, even if there are real reasons for that depression. Fix all your problems with a pill? It doesn't work like that! I have heard that some people can't feel the way they need to feel in certain situations when they take antidepressants. Anyway, if you have identifiable problems in your life, they may help, but they're not going to fix everything.

    I should also add that a member of my family killed himself this summer because he suddenly stopped taking them. If he had taken them properly or never taken them at all, then that may have never happened. You have to be really careful with these things! If your life is good, but you feel depressed, then maybe they will help you. I recommend appointments with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist alongside the drugs. Don't just get the drugs and stop seeing the doctor. Also, professional or not, don't be afraid to tell someone, anyone, if the drugs are having undesirable effects on you! Don't keep quiet about it. That's just dangerous.

    I personally wish I could see a psychologist, but I don't want any antidepressants. There are a lot of things I need to talk about, but I don't need risky drugs.

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