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    Cool Hey there!

    I am a diaper and plastic pants lover. I never had to wear diapers and rubber pants past normal potty training or the "just in case" on long car trips, but wish I had. I like to read stories of how others got started into diapers and/or plastics pants or wore them for bedwetting and day time accidents. I do not know what caused my interest, but back in the early 1950's I would sneak my younger brothers rubber pants (they were rubber) and wear them under my clothes. Now, I mostly wear for recreational purposes. I use disposables during the day and cloth diapers with plastic pants at night. My wife does not participate, but tolerates my frequent return to yesteryear as it causes no harm. I do occasionally wear "just in case" for long trips or when I might get caught in a major traffic jam with my wife's approval and sometimes her suggestion (still a WOW!) or when a bathroom will not readily be available...Oh, the joys of getting older!

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    Welcome aboard. I know I certainly enjoy wearing on longer trips so I don't have to stop every 100 miles (or less)

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    Ah....the world of cloth and plastic pants. Welcome to adisc, where one's dreams are realized.

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