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Thread: Having more Mommy feelings than little lately

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    Red face Having more Mommy feelings than little lately

    I don't know who to really talk to about this, so I'll just ramble on here.

    I've been an ab/dl/lg/whatever for quite a while. I have a daddy I'm married to who I love very much.

    But lately I've been having lots of "Mommy feelings" and my husband is in no way, shape or form a switch. I wouldn't want him to be little with me...I see him as my daddy and thats it.

    I play Mommy to a male ab friend of mine occasionally, and I love it. My husband is fine with it, since its not a sexual relationship, but a platonic one.

    I don't know what the real problem is per se, its just that I'm confused by these feelings and would like to be Mommy to maybe other ab boys too. I still love being little with my daddy, but I want to be a Mommy too.

    I'm not exactly sure what kind of response I'm looking for here, but any ideas, opinions, suggestions, complaints....anything?

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    My female ab/lg friend is going through the same thing (having more mommy feelings than before).

    From what I hear, it can be a pretty natural progression (especially for women...but I hear of men going through it too). Maybe it's just the maternal instinct kicking in?

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    I keep going back and forth between wanting to play daddy or a little kid. I haven't actually done either though so I have no idea..

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    From what I hear, it can be a pretty natural progression (especially for women...but I hear of men going through it too). Maybe it's just the maternal instinct kicking in?
    I agree with this, you're at that age that women normally start wanting kids and if you're in a loving relationship that probably adds to it.

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    It's weird, i fluctuate daily...

    I have no idea why, either...

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    I don't ever fluctuate at all with *B/DL-ism, but I surely can understand what you're going through. We're women, and as we all know....we have hormones and mood swings and yadda yadda yadda. Like sometimes I'll be so completely mean and rude that nobody can stand me, other times I'll be hyperactive and act like I'm on drugs, and sometimes I'll be really sweet and hippie-ish. It all depends because we've got...lady stuff! :rainbow:

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    Your mother instincs may be telling you it's time to have a child.

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    I know that, for me, I really enjoy being babied, but fate usually has it that I am the one babying someone else. It's still very fulfilling and enjoyable, though.

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    I'd do anything to have a Mommy, but it just seems impossible to find one. I don't know any abdls in real life whatsoever. sucks.

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    well...I can say that I'm on both sides of that fence...I'm both daddy and little when the mood strikes me.

    I agree with people though, could be maternal instincts kicking in.

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