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Thread: Bottled Oxygen

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    Default Bottled Oxygen

    Invest now!
    Selling the Air We Breathe - ABC News

    60$ a bottle? Seriously? Are people stupid enough to pay for something that's free?
    Answer: Yes. We did for bottled water. I could understand selling bottled water at restaurants and corner stores, because you're paying for the convenience of having a small, portable bottle of water which you immediately dispose of after you're done. But then people go off and buy it in bulk from grocery stores. My family often did this during the winter, because our tap water isn't safe to drink.

    Anyway, just like the video says, the air we breath is only 20% oxygen and breathing pure oxygen can kill you.

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    Breathetastic? Premium Canned Air - TheKolWiki

    I don't buy bottled water except for rare occasions. I take empty bottles with me and fill them up near where I'm going to use them. Sometimes, though, you have to buy the stuff because there are no good water fountains! Maybe when we get hit by a meteor and the whole planet smells like rotten banana peels I'll buy a can. One.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Spaceballs was friggin' hillarious with "Perri-air" brand canned air.

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    *sniff* the poor mouse in the advertisment

    I could see a young person with a health condition buying this, someone who hyperventelates on occasion. Its stylish and functional. However, I don't see people using it recreationatally just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymick21 View Post
    Didn't we already go through this fad in the 90s with Oxygen bars?!
    Oxygen bars are still around. I saw one at a party I went to just last week. I tried it just because a friend payed. 10 bucks for ten minutes, I think. Big rip off. 10 bucks to have a nice scent pumped into your nose? No thanks. I didn't feel any more relaxed or "detoxified" after I was finished.

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    i had this oxygen treatment at the doctor yesterday, it made me hyperventalate and drool! I don't knwo why people would want it.

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    If this news has legs, I'm going straight to the welding supply place and getting another cylinder!!!

    Actually, you're not supposed to breathe THAT kind of oxygen, so they say...

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