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Thread: PSP Hacking/modding - a few questions

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    Default PSP Hacking/modding - a few questions

    A while back, I've got a PSP from my friend. It had custom firmware 3.71 M33-2 installed on it.

    Since I have now gotten a MS bigger than 64mb for it, I have a few questions:

    • If I want to play, say... FF7 on it, how would I go about doing this?
    • If I needed to upgrade the firmware (such as when LBP PSP comes out), how would I keep it hacked? My friend said something about a Pandora battery and a magic memory stick, but I don't know how you would get/make either of these.
    • Where can I get emulators and stuff for it?

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    You need to update your firmware. My PSP was stolen in March of 2009 and i was on 4.xx so you're pretty behind. I believe M33 allows you to software-update to another M33-based firmware.

    Either way, what I used to do was click>drag PS1 games ISOs into my "game" folder on my memory stick and in the firmware setup you can use optical drive emulators to run the ISO from the memory stick (what I did with FFVII and Gran Turismo).


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