I have been with ADISC for the past year so I really am not a newbie but feel that my original intro was too brief and unabridged due to it being on a PS3 browser where it came from. Plus since I am considered the Andre Johnson of this site let's give it a clear start. Plus I got to set an example for the newbies that only say hi and I love diapers as intros. So here we go.

My username is tk7432 since when I created this I wanted a fast way to type this on a PS3 and to relate to my previous interest in star wars. I am from the DC area and I have been interested in diapers for about two years consistently and it is 95 percent sexual for me. I don't use a lot but masturbate a lot. Outside from my fetish I am the typical teenage high schooler who lives life in school and work. I have a strong interest in football (go Redskins and Bills) and sports altogether (go Yankees). In addition I am an avid conniseur of rap and hip hop music. So if you see a rap or football analogy with a post, it is probably me. Hope I can be a strong influence in this site and will also welcome newbies who view this post as I personally greet you to ADISC!