I don't know how many others are when it comes to their off time. I personally need a vacation from my vacations. Instead of resting or relaxing to de-stress and prepare for the week ahead, I will usually choose instead to engage in some sort of fun (read: dangerous, adventurous, stupid) activity even if it comes at the expense of my own health and need for rest.

Anyone else have this problem?

This weekend was a perfect example. I had a free day on Sunday that I should have used by relaxing around the house and taking a load of my back. (that's a whole other story) Instead of taking it easy and watching the Singapore GP as was my plan, I decided to spend nearly 24 hours of solid work to go racing with a friend. I was greeted by an invitation the night before from a friend to come racing with him, and I agreed thinking this would be fun, and boy it was. The toll I paid for this fun however was much higher than I had originally bargained for.

The day had to start at 4:30am to have enough time to make the 1 hour drive to his house to pick him up, and then the 2.5 hour drive to where we would be autocrossing. We needed to be there at 8:30 to have plenty of time to set up and study the course, but alas the green chili carnitas and various culturally appropriate libations I had eaten for dinner the night before were going to have no part of this plan.

Four stops at some of the most disgusting establishments I have ever had the misfortune of visiting resulted in being almost a half hour late to the race site. Driving through the Mississippi delta in a car that looks like it just rolled off the set of Fast and the Furious always makes for an interesting road trip.

Once the race got going, everything proceeded throughout the day fairly smoothly. I managed to do fairly well, and me and my co-driver both placed in the top 10 out of a field of 55. I had a blast, and aside from not being able to trust a fart all day I felt pretty good.

Unfortunately all good days of fun racing must come to an end, but sadly we're still hours from home. Thankfully the trip home only had one exciting moment when a local sheriff tried to give us a hard time for nothing in particular. I'm pretty sure we were pulled over for violating the long lost 11th covenant. "Thall shalt not be seen driving a suspicious car through small conservative farm towns lest ye be endlessly harassed using made up claims of misbehavior."

Thankfully I made it home safe and sound, and with no tickets, just a roadside chat with Arkansas' finest. The downside to all of this is that I have now been awake for almost 24 hours, have spent almost 8 hours of that driving, and spent the rest of it in the glaring sun either racing or helping with the race. All in the name of having a good time

Work is going to hurt in the morning...all 7 hours from now