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Thread: Oh wow...

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    Unhappy Oh wow...

    Not sure if this is the wrong section or what ever. Mods feel free to move.

    So it turns out that someone found the information on my profile here, took a screenshot of it, and sent it to my parents on Facebook.....

    What the hell?

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    ...*quickly hides my rage*

    ...Welcome to the world of being outed...It happened to me too, though through more up front and personal means...hopefully they won't bring it up to you...if they do of luck on that front. ^^; some digging...if it were me, I'd find out who did it and...well...use your imagination. *evil laugh*

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    They did bring it up. They were asking if I sent it and if the information was true and yadda yadda. I was able to come up with story that some sicko must've gotten my information from this game I play, and it all has to be a sick joke. But idkk.


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    What kind of information tough?

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    I'm still trying to figure all that out.

    And @Peachy, everything you see when you look at my profile.

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    ....that's not cool...

    did you use your normal E-mail address and name when you registered with this page?

    sometimes web pages pick up your information in the search engines...try searching your name and E-mail address in Google or Yahoo or another search engine and see if this comes up in the results....other than that...some jerk could have checked your computer history or something....I can speculate all day long about what happened...

    also...good on the story, the sooner you get your parents off the trail the better...

    oh...have you "told anyone" recently...about infantilism...anything like that? (oh, and make your profile viewable to only the registered viewers...only regulars if you can I'd say) brain is going in rapid fire's kinda incoherent...normally I'd help..but this just ticks me off even more because of the situation so my writing might be kinda jumpy..

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersocal View Post
    I'm still trying to figure all that out.

    And @Peachy, everything you see when you look at my profile.
    YOu can set your profile such that only
    (1) Registered members
    (2) members with at least Regular status
    or (3) only people on your friends list
    can see your profile. I strongly suggest you set your profile to either option (2) or (3) immediately. After that, look at the list of the last visitors to your profile to see if anyone looks familiar/suspicious.


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    The only good news is there doesn't seem to be an epidemic of this outage, and the beef is personal, not a generalized attack on members.

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