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    Whenever I try to watch video files on my Mac (no matter which computer I'm using), they just don't play smoothly. They're all choppy and everything . I see this happen with videos that are encoded with the H.264 and are in an .mp4 format. But, if I import the same file into iMovie, it plays flawlessly. Are there any tips to help improve video playback quality when I use Quicktime or iTunes?

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    Do the videos you're watching have DRM? Purely speculation, but perhaps you're running into problems because of the additional overhead of decrypting the video?

    And just an aside, I've always hated quicktime. Personally I stick to mplayer (which should probably work on Mac also).

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    No, there aren't any DRM's, it could be a file I've exported from Final Cut Express, or a video from my PS3 and it just won't play properly.

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    Now for all the years I have been using VLC. I was playing an MKV video. Can't remember the video codec. But nothing out of the ordinary. It played the video chopply. WMP wouldn't have it at all. But Media Player classic has no problems. I don't get it. Might be something to do with directshow? But then again, your on a Mac. So i haven't got any real advice.

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    Well the odd thing is, is that it plays awful in Quicktime, however, iMovie and Final Cut (which both play video smoothly) use a Quicktime plugin to display the video!

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    VLC uses it's own codecs, so VLC should play the same no matter what codecs are installed. Also, I find VLC to be slower than media player classic (or mplayer on the mac). My G4 1.5Ghz w/1.25GB RAM plays videos choppy sometimes (but it's also running 10.5 which I am slowly learning was a mistake, speedwise) :/ What OS are you running? The best I could guess is that there was an update to itunes or quicktime that slowed it down. I notice these programs run pretty slow on my powerbook. Try Mplayer for OSX (there are a bunch of versions, the one I used looks more like itunes..don't remember where I found it tho..)

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    I've got basically the same computer as you, G4 with 1.5Ghz but with 2GBs of RAM. I'm also running 10.5, but when I start up on my external drive (which runs on 10.4), I still get issues. I think video actually played better on my old Mac Mini hehe...

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