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Thread: Does this exist?

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    Default Does this exist?

    Does anyone know of any adult diapers that only have one tape on each side? I think I saw one on the internet before, but I can't think of what they were or where I saw them...= / I know technically cloth diapers only have one, but I'm not real big on those. What I'm really looking for are disposable ones. Thanks guys = ]

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    I don't recall ever seeing one myself and I think I tried around 8-9 brands of adult diapers now.

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    Butterfly Mage


    There used to be a brand called Ambeze (or At-ease?) or something like that. But that was in the early 1990s. They were kinda thin too.

    I think that adult diapers have to have 4-6 tapes so that the product will actually fit correctly. After all, adults are a heck of a lot more massive than babies and toddlers.

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    I had some called Simplicity 3D that only had one tape. But they were pretty horrible diapers.

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    There was a CVS brand one that I got one time that had it like that. It was in a white package. I honestly don't know if it was just some old package that they were getting rid of, or one they still make. They were velcro-like tapes though.

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    Prevail X-treme fit has one big tape with a stretchy side panel just like a baby diaper, it's mediun thick and works well, will absorb 2-3 wettings.

    Tena stretch is similar with one big velcro wing also similar to a baby diaper.

    I like em both.

    Kendall also has an original pampers like trifold diaper with single tapes but it is very thin.

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    I believe it was the Prevail X-treme fit that I was thinking of. Thanks guys!

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    Yeah I had a pack of those CVS with the one velcrow fastener, if it wasn't for the cloth like stuff they were nice because you could tighten them whenever you wanted.

    I never bought them again, mine were a weird lt. green in color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaNei View Post
    ABU Super Dry Kids Diapers @ - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore These ones do, but I'm not sure if they're good or not.
    I have some coming in the mail in the next couple weeks...will post a trip report on my blog

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