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Thread: I think I might take a break From the forum.

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    Default I think I might take a break From the forum.

    Eh, Just too busy with school, Art, Looking for a job, Photography, And Life in genneral.

    Might Still pop into the chat now and then. But, I'll See you around.

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    Well, you know where we are, come back anytime you feel like it. They tell me that the feel-like-it never really goes away

    And I wish you productive hunting for a job . . .

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    See you when you get back man

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    Yeah. Life's a bitch when it all piles up like that.

    Lookin' forward to your return

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    When you get busy you have to go with that which is most important. I don't get on until late in the night, after everything else is done. Good luck to all of your projects.

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    High school is hard and work makes it tougher. See ya later and hope everything goes well for you.

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    Good luck to you, and specially with the job search. It is quite easy to reactivate a dormant account. We'll be here...

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