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    I am a middle aged man who rediscovered diapers several years ago, although I am sure the interest was always there. I enjoy wearing, rarely use...only when absolutely necessary. I sleep in a diaper, sometimes cloth and plastic pant and disposable at other times. Do not wear to office of social functions. Enjoy trying different brands. Just discovered Tranquility Slim Line. Extremely comfortable and wears well under jeans.

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    Welcome DiGeorge. It's pleasant to know someone whose discovered their innerchild even at your age.

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    First of all, welcome to our site. Now I have to ask, why is the title "new beginning?" I'm really curious.

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    Welcome to ADISC, dlgeorge, hope you enjoy it here.

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    Default New Beginning

    I guess I titled my intro new beginning because being open about my wearing diapers is new. Also, I was stuck for a title. Maybe I could have been more original! thanks for the welcomes.

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    Naw, that was a very original title, and for a good reason. I just didn't know the reason. Thanks for the explanation.

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