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    Default ABU Super Sample Pack

    I'm gonna go through what I got and rate them (used 'em all in one day because I couldn't find one that I liked.)

    First note: They did NOT give me what they said they would give me. Instead of the molicare and mediline, they gave me an X-Plus and an Air-X-Plus, or whatever it's called.

    That said.

    ABU Extra Thick Overnight: WTF the tapes did not stick. At all.
    X-Plus: Still as good as ever. I think I only took this one off because I had something else to do.
    Air X-Plus: ...Glue-tapes on a cloth-backed diaper = wtf. Kind of *bad*...
    Goodnites: Very good. Stretched very well (I'm kinda sad to admit that it stretched v_v
    Doubler: Good concept, dunno how well it would have worked. Wasted along with the ABU Extra Thick Overnight because the diaper failed and the doubler was kind of attached.
    Generic Rectangle: Very nice. Except for the part where the tape ripped open the front of the diaper and leaked diaper fluff into my room. Other than that, it was really good though.
    Underjams: WTF STRETCHING. They fit my fat ass. That is all I have to say about that. liek, hueg.

    Based on my experience, I would never, ever, ever turn to ABU for disposables again. Still waiting for their cloth training pants to be back in stock.

    Anyone have anything to say about this? Shoudl I give ABU another chance? (I live in Florida. The package went from Washington->Oregon---------------------------------------------> Florida.)

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    I too ordered a sample pack from them a few months back. I was thinking that I might try their new super dry kids with the exra padding and only one tape on each side. But I'm nervous about their site because it is now using images of diapered girls that have been floating around the internet for years... Makes me worry about their scruples.


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