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    Smile back

    Hi everyone,

    I had previously an account here but cancelled it a while ago, mostly because I have been very busy for the past months and so I hadn't many time left to come around here. I got kind of bored too. For those of you who might remember me, my old nick was Crohnick. (I decided to change because I made a mistake chosing that nickname which was constantly reminding me I had a medical condition (crohn's disease), so now, I am Puer Aeternus, which means eternal child in latin. It describes me quite well hehehe)

    So let's introduce myself (again!):

    I'm a 30 yo guy from Liege, Belgium. I used to work as a waiter and salesman but I plan to go back to college soon to take a master of arts in psychology.
    My hobbies are music (I am a bass player), cooking, design, arts, culture, languages, friends (they are what I have the most precious), learning new things, travelling,... I'm not into sports, oh well, I can watch a game or a Formula One race on TV but you will never see me play, I'm too weak lol. I used to play tennis, table tennis and snooker when I was a teenager. Other facts about me: I am kind, open minded, perfectionnist, I love candies,

    About diapers, well of course I like them. I can't remember me not wanting to be put back in those comfortable and securing "underwears". Why? I'll probably never know and who cares anyway? As long as you are fine it...
    I have to admit it wasn't an easy thing to accept when I was younger, I thought I was a freak. I couln't understand why I did such a ridiculous thing. I still don't know why, but at least I don't care! I am deeply an adult baby even if on everyday life I don't always have a pacifier in my mouth, etc..
    Life time single, I am asexual and kind of confused about it.v

    I guess it's a enought for a start, isn't it?

    Pleased to be back here!


    ps: I apologise for my spelling/typo mistakes, my mother tongue is French, I know I can be understood, but I'm frustrated because I can't express myself as well as in French, and sometimes I have to translate my ideas with simple sentences wich doesn't always give people the accurate meaning of my thoughts.

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here.

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    I remember you from before, welcome back

    Solid re-introduction and a good nick to boot. We don't seem to get a lot of European French speakers, or at least not as many as I'd expect. Makes me wonder if there's some solid French alternative site out there? Sorry you have to struggle with the language, but you manage much better with English than I would with French, even at the height of my skill. I hope the site will work out well for you the second time around. We'll be seeing you

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    Hi there! -wave wave-

    Mmmm, the French. I took French in high school and middle school for a collective 5 years, and yet I won't remember much unless I read or hear someone speaking it. But you seem to be doing just fine translating it, and in the event you can't, well, just post it in French and see if we can decipher it, like a game!

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    Hi there,

    Thank you very much for your greetings.

    We have a big french website called, For those of you who only speaks English, the website is in Shakespear's language too
    There is, that's the community of french speaking teenbabies (canadian, french, belgian) (only french for this site)
    And that's all I guess.

    Anyway I've always prefered english speaking website, because I like to meet people from everywhere in the world And because I started 14 years ago on those english sites (for the creepy old men like me lol: remember DPF

    Missylili: si tu le souhaites je peux te parler francais afin que tu puisses te replonger dans la langue de Molière

    BTW, if anyone needs help with french for their homeworks or something, I'd be glad to help

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    Yay - the sudden influx of French speakers: you, Excelsius, oli44 Thanks for mentioning,, what are they like? What sort of focus do they have, how are they different (or the same) as us?

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    I don't know why there is such an influx of french speaking people around here. Is there any spanish, italian, chinese,... too?

    TBK is a discussion/support site for teens, ABK is for grown ups, it ain't a support site at all, I guess it's more like aby, diaperspace, or rupadded,...

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    oh it's you lol xD didn't know who you were until I read your introduction what's up man? havn't seen you on msn for months! hope to speak you soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevintje View Post
    oh it's you lol xD didn't know who you were until I read your introduction what's up man? havn't seen you on msn for months! hope to speak you soon!
    Hello fellow country man!
    I guess it's the same with everyone, you have to read their introduction to get to know them. Isn't why introductions are made?
    For months? do no exagerate? well...on a second thought, it might be possible... :$

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