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Thread: I tried my first diapers! /cliche title

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    Talking I tried my first diapers! /cliche title

    It's a little late since I first tried them on Sunday. I got goodnites. My boyfriend and I split the cost. It actually wasn't that hard to run in and get them. We tried 3 places before finding a store that actually carried the 13 pack as opposed to the 21 pack. I was a little nervous at first but I guess since my boyfriend was there it wasn't too bad. They are really comfy despite their lack of thickness. I didn't try wetting them. I think just feeling them on me was all I wanted. It was really secure. I wore them 24/7 until this morning when my boyfriend left. It feels weird not having one on now. I was thinking about putting another one on but I don't want to develop a dependency on them. I am really glad I decided to go through with it and try them.

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    Dependency? As far as I know the only way to become dependent on a diaper is if you wear them and use them straight for well over a year

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    Congratulations on your first diaper purchase and use, Asuka! Goodnites were my first choice, too. You're right about them feeling comfy. I slept with mine on as well as keeping one on during the day while working (work at home) or driving. They aren't really absorbant enough to hold a full teen/adult bladder very well, but are fine for just wearing around and not using.


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    Sounds like fun...Don't worry about being dependent on them unless you plan on wearing them for at least a year

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    My first were Luvs. It was much better when I started getting proper adult diapers, or at the very least Goodnites. Did your boyfriend wear them, too?

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    Naw. He's not an ABDL. He just supports me and acts as my big brother.

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    That's nice of him!

    How long have you wanted to try diapers for, if I may ask?

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    That's a tough question because I started out just being a GGLG.. then discovered *BDL and was also an AB.. but I think I also became a DL and wanted to try diapers around October or November.

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    Even though I already knew this, cogragulations anyways! I am very happy for you that you enjoyed your expeirance! Remember do not be hesitant in anything you want to try, remember how hesitant you were to do this and you ended up loving do not be hesitant to try different things in the aspect of infantilism, because you very well could like it. Of course take things at your own pace and do not rush too much, but do not try to put so much restriction on yourself. I see it has personality, and you do not want to supress that.

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    The first one is the best, it's the whole...I don't know why, but the first one is the best.

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