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    Default Greetings!

    I'm a Swedish (no, not Swiss) 27yo male ab/dl (with a hint of babyfur in the mix). Started out in DPF some 100 years from now, watched it die and strolled around for a while on various sites and in IRC chatrooms untill I grew tired of it all (somehow there is something about ab/dl sites that attracts all the wrong ppl who builds up all the wrong atmosphere ) and settled down at, a site that just as all the others has itīs share of strange behaviour but with the advantage of being a scandinavian hangout making it possible for me to actually meet some of the (sane) ppl you talk to online.

    Became a member here long time ago but kind of never gave the site a chance, so I decided now was the time I hope to see that it's a nice, cozy and warm place to curl up inside.

    Why brewmaster?
    Because I have a real interest in the making of beverages such as beer and mead and ofcause i enjoy the result. A brewmaster I am not, but hey - who blames anyone for stretching the truth just a little?


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    Welcome, enjoy your time here.

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    You are welcome.

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    Welcome Brewmaster. The title may not befitting of someone who brews the suds, but maybe you are a master of your ab/dl world and a friend of all (which I'm sure Brewmasters are to those who enjoy the drink they provide).

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    Hi there from a dark-ale quaffing local laughing raccoon. Welcome here; make yourself at home. I look forward to hearing how we compare to - the advantages, disadvantages, and just basically, the interesting differences between us and them.

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    Welcome Brewmaster, hope you enjoy it here! ^-^

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    Welcome as well. I believe there are several on this site who do brew. Personally, though I don't brew, I certainly like a beer or two, especially ale. My favorite is Bass Ale and Molson's Export.

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