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    Default Introducing Someone?

    Okay, so lets say you have a friend and they are interested in this community and "activity" the DL activity. How would you introduce them to it?

    What brands would you recommend?
    Not recommend?
    Sites to go to and stay away from?
    How to use their diapers?

    I thought of this while at work today, and when you get down to it, this would be like teaching someone the entire history of Prussia in a few minutes. So, lets hear your guidelines... how would you introduce someone to this lifestyle???

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    If they were just interested/curious about it, I would send them to understanding infantilism.

    If they actually wanted to try it, I'd give them one to try out. If they wanted to peruse after that, such as getting some, I'd figure out ways to help them get them and hide them. I'd be as good a friend as I could with them.

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    If they are interested enough to mention it as something they would like to explore, chances are, they are not totally ignorant of the scene/lifestyle/fetish/desire/whatever and it may be more like (after overcoming the seizure from being asked) offering simple pointers and advice to steer them away from potential trauma, like how to not get caught, and disaster ( it's not really ok to ask the hot cheerleader to change you. just- no.)

    If they were a close friend (and they would almost have to be to even bring the topic up) you might even find a playmate !

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    Ooh. I want your friend.
    They should stay away from Deeker, they should come here.
    If they like the diaper, it works.
    "how to use a diaper" Are you kidding? Most everybody in the world teaches this to themselves!

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    Haha, no no my doesnt want to try it. Though I did tell her if she ever wanted too I can guide her to the right place. I was just merely speaking of the scenario in general.

    For me, I think I would give my friend an array of diapers to try.
    A Walgreens
    A Depends
    An Attends
    And an Abena

    I'd tell her the pluses and minuses of each diaper. I did show her understanding Infantilism and she was understanding of it.

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