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Thread: Prefold Sizing/Droop (Help?)

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    Default Prefold Sizing/Droop (Help?)

    This thread goes along with the Changing Times Diaper Company review. I have a medium pre-fold that measures 26" x 34" fully shrunk. I have read numerous sites online detailing how to fold pre-fold diapers, but I'm at the point that I think I just need some experienced advice.

    This fold (Basic Angel Wing) works best so far, because it gives me maximum width in the back to wrap around and pin to the front and because it isn't so wide in the middle that it covers the top of my legs.

    I can pin it up using 4 pins so that its fairly snug when dry, though the rear sags a little bit. When it's wet... that's another matter. The thing sags a good 4-5" down from my (no way to be polite about this) crotch.

    Do I just need more practice pinning, or should I get a smaller size? CTDC lacks a size chart for their cloth diapers and only lists the dimensions of the pre-fold. Consequently, I had a hard time figuring out what size to get. The next size down is 22" x 31" fully shrunk. I have a 32" waist (measured over my belly button, which is the height I pin the diapers at). The back 'wings' of the diaper overlap the front panel by 2" on each side when pinned, so I'm concerned that the smaller size will be too small in the waist. Can any experienced pre-fold users lend some advice? Is there a way to get a less droopy fit, or is that just how cloth diapers are?

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    The best way to fold these would be to turn the flaps in: Narrower in the front, wider in the back. The pins will have to go through an added layer when attached to the front, but that will allow for a better and more durable grip. This is the same method used in the instructions on a package of Gerber prefolds. You can place a toddler prefold towards the front for added protection. Some professional caregivers recommend pinning the lower portion first, then the top like they would an adult-sized disposable. The basic "angel wing" method you linked to is set up specifically to sag in the back to handle solids, but I'm assuming your purpose would be to handle more fluids.


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    4 pins on a diaper?
    i've only ever used 2.

    diapers do sag when wet, that's why onesies/bodysuits are used with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    4 pins on a diaper?
    i've only ever used 2.
    Yah, I found that 4 pins (2 low by the legs, 2 up higher by the waist) keeps things in place a little better.

    I do expect diapers to droop somewhat (and have the onesies to deal with it )--but what happened the other night was ridiculous. Thanks, Honeywell, for the suggestion; I shall try it out tonight.

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    I've used four pins for a couple of years now and I think the fit is better. As for the droop, there are a couple things you could try. If they seem like they are too long, you can fold over the end and front and pin them in place. I've had to do this on some larger pre-folds to keep them from slipping. Wet cloth diapers will droop a little. You can get a closer fit by adding a close fitting pant over the diaper/plastic pant combo (like a compression short or boxer brief) or you can try a onesie to keep the diaper up. Also, you might want to try the smaller size if you're using it in the daytime under regular clothes.

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    Just to clear something up a little: The four pins are ONLY an option. And I will state, in fact, that sometimes it's better to only use two of them. All of this depends on the fitting and the application.


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    prefolds are tricky. i tend to follow the instructions on this website, but i usually use only one prefold, rather than four. even so, i wind up with so much material between my legs that when i stand up it puts uncomfortable pressure from either side on certain parts of my anatomy that i'd rather not have pressed.

    there's some helpful information about sizing available here.

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    Avery: You are going at it the wrong way by making it far more complicated than it really is, or needs to be. It's very simple, like I said: Fold the flaps in so that it's narrower in the front. It should look something like a bicycle seat. Then, fold the front down to the length you want. Finally, just do the thing like you would a disposable. You can use as many or as few layers as your needs dictate. But if you wish to follow those rediculous instructions on that site, then don't let me hold you back. Whatever floats your boat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeywell6180 View Post
    The best way to fold these would be to turn the flaps in: Narrower in the front, wider in the back.
    I've tried this fold a few times, and I think it's my favorite as far as fit goes. Thank you for suggesting it

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    I thought the whole point of a pre-fold was that you didn't have to fold it, you just pin it.

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