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Thread: First diapers tomorrow

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    Default First diapers tomorrow

    Tomorrow I'm going to our local walgreens to get my first real diapers. I already got a plan so I don't get embarrased (50 year old birthday card) but i can't decide between Depends supermax absorbency, and the Certainty fitted briefs. I'm thinking depends cause I want the plastic backing. Before I go, I wondered if anyone could give me advice because Depends are $16.99 for 18 and Certainty are 40 for $20.00 (trying to keep money spending to a minimum). I'm not going out in public in them, so discreetness is not an issue.

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    I'd say if you want quality, get depends, if you want quantity, get certainty.
    But I don't know. :/

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    certainty actually has better quality. Depends just suck all around. I'd also get the smaller pack of certainty. 40 is a lot and might be pretty hard to hide.

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    Only one recommendation… Relax! The first time is always the worst and the most stressful. The birthday card... not a bad idea if you don’t do the same trick each time.

    Yes link, even 14 diapers is hard to hide!

    Good luck and everything will go fine... excepted if you fall on someone that knows you. Give us some news of your adventure.

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    well good luck thats all i have to say!

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    Went out today, and i have bought my first nappy/diapers. Wasn't quite sure which to get, so went on the safe side and bought huggies dry nights. I was quite nervous, but as suggested by others, went to the self checkout at the super market...and all was ok. Now i just need to find a hiding place for them in my room )

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    UPDATE: I got them, buying went off without a hitch.
    Unfortunately, they had no maximum protection briefs, so I went with adjustable underwear supermax absorbency depends. I completely soaked one, and it is holding quite nice. Overall, it has been a good first experience.

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    Congrats on going through with it!

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    Good thing you've made the step. I hope it will change your life for the better.

    And watch out for close call now!

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