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Thread: Does this take guts!!

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    I was just watching that earlier today, it does indeed take guts. I like the way that it is not bashing on AB/DLism, and it seems to provide an unbiased view on it. It restored my faith in humanity ^_^

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    Wow, 'guts' indeed. I think Rachel presented herself and the subject very well. This was the first talk show interview I've seen that was conducted in a non-hostile mannor. Yaaa, Tyra. Although there were members of the audience laughing and snickering, I did not see anyone reacting with hatred and disgust. This type of media attention definately helps to dispell the image of *B/DL's as being sick and perverted people.

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    The points the Doctor brought out as to why some feel the need to wear are basically the ones I mentioned to my son one day when the subject came up. Apparently a couple teens were in the store where he worked and he kept noticing one had the smell of pee about them and was puzzled as to why. After briefly mentioning the feeling of security aspect of wearing I also mentioned there could be an incontinence issue causing him to need diapers. This is the most tasteful handling of the subject I've ever seen on TV or any other media.


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    Unless this is Tyra revisiting the topic of AB/DL (didn't click the link), this would be the clip that I've seen a number of times. There have been some mixed reactions amongst AB/DLs about this coverage of the topic, but I feel like the stance is mostly positive.

    I wonder what prompted her to select this as a topic for a show (does she actually pick the topics?). I also wonder how she or folks affiliated with the show came to be aware of this trait, and how they found someone willing to come on the show and talk about it.

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    This really takes some guts, both for Tyra and the woman (whose name I can't remember)
    Certainly a step in the right direction.

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    I've seen this before.

    It's not just the girl. You also have to give props to Tyra you know. She's WAYYY more understanding than many other people that do this sort of thing.

    I think this is one of the best AB/DL openings to our world. It's excellent.

    But.. that's just me.


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    Well for me this was my frist time seeing it. It was suggested bye youtube :\ thought it was worth watching.

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    the worsest part of that show was listening to it from the other room while my mother was watching it . I was on the coumputer at the time

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