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Thread: Halloween

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    Default Halloween

    i know, i know, its a fair bit of time away, but i figured i would ask, whats everyone planning on doing? at least i ask before its too late :p

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    Hopefully I will be in Canada celebrating my first real Halloween. Otherwise I'll probably be drinking beer and watching Halloween (the movie) with some friends.

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    It's not that early. It's about a month and a half away... plenty of stores are stocking the shelves with decorations, and costumes, etc.

    Anyway... I'm not sure what I'm doing for Halloween. There may or may not be something cool to do. I LOVE Halloween though so I'll probably figure SOMETHING out!

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    I'm hoping to do a bit of hanging around with some buddies and going to the Halloween party at the church next to my apartment. (free candy woohooo!) And after that, I'll probably go to Del Taco at 4 in the morning or something stupid like that.

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    Hmm...What day is it...Fuck, a Saturday...I'll probably be working that morning, unless they want to be dicks and make me work that night. Otherwise, I might be doing what I normally do, or something. It's too far to tell D:

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    I'll be at my house giving candy to alot of kids.

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    I'll more than likely be over at a friends house, or someone will be over at my house, that's what I do every weekend, doubt Halloween will be any different, since my dad says i'm to old to trick or treat

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    either a same as mary
    b throwing an humongous party
    c trick or treating

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