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    So the introductions, hello one and all, diaper friends and lovers and not necessarily in that order. I'm a 30 something year old guy, married to a 26 year old beautiful wife and mother to my 2 kiddo's. Been into diapers since my late teens and my wife has been wearing diapers literally since she met me. I'd love to share the story of her first time into diapers, going to the store, getting them with her in both her and my size. etc. etc. it's a good bedtime tale. But about me........

    I don't have a reason why I started wearing diapers or fell in love with being diapered or can't remember or blocked it.... But I remember the first trip to the store to buy diapers, I was 21. I have worn diapers really steadily since then. I am not incontinent, however will argue that you can make yourself really close on your own with patience. (Ask me how I know I spent about 2 years around 22-24 years old diapered 24/7. I moved a lot, I was new in Columbus OH. I moved there with a friend and then said friend moved back home... i stayed cause it was a great scene, I was DJ'ing at the time. and yes, I've been billed at raves that had over 30 dj's and over a thousand happy crazy ravers running all over. SO I stayed in town, decided that since i lived alone and didn't have a girlfriend at the was into diapers for me. i spent about 2 weeks getting used to not using the toilet, nerv racking to say the least, especially when you need to #2 and your out, and not going home soon, and hoping there is a bathroom so you can change soon. and yes. It was my experiment to see if i could and I did. It got easier over time, and pretty soon i was very comfortable it it...and then i met a girl. SO instantly I stopped #2 and worked on slowing down #1 as it was much easier to not really notice that you are going by this time. (about 6 months). This first girlfriend since really being into diapers was amazing, we had a wonderful time. she wore diapers VERY rarely but loved me in them. I don't need to rehash the past but it was pretty amazing and things were about as good as they could get. until we broke up. She cheated on me and then came and told me, yup, literally a oh by the way, (interjection here, we had a very voyeuristic, swinging, open, and quite raunchy sex life) (one time she asked to watch me with another girl, and no i wish it happened but it didn't) asked if i'd like to join her and with her new guy in bed, (yeah figure that one out....i like guys what) that i'd like him too. (i did) Ending this story here but the three of us were a couple for about 2 more months until i stepped away and stopped wearing diapers 24/7 and that chapter ended.

    Next couple years are just random short relationships, with girls and guys. I started writing music. bar tending. diapers were a fun thing, worn occasionally. Most of the time I was out with friends being young and a bachelor. I did wear diapers with one of my boyfriends and at separate times two other girlfriends, one of which, I found out through another friend, had just turned 17 a week before I met her I was 25. She said she just turned 18 and seemed like it so I didn't ID a girl I was dating. One night, before I knew about the age thing, I asked if she'd like to try something fun and slightly kinky and she was totally game, so into a diaper she went. And shortly after...out of my life...i have crossed paths with her a few times since and she's told me that she was an AB, joined a forum etc. and used words and names that she only would have known by getting into the community... SO Morale of that story is.... well, ok it's actually lacking morals entirely BUT I did bring a beautiful, blonde haired, petite something of a pixie into the world of AB/DL's Hopefully she finds a great diapered guy. Thank the Lord that didn't go very wrong though!! And 1 of them also wore them a few times with me. Although she said she liked them and asked for her own plastic pants and onesie after seeing mine, she never initiated a diapering or anything and eventually we split.

    I was building custom trucks for nearly 3 years by then, had not dj'd in a few years. Found a store in town that was..yeah get this, 'incontinence supply store' HOLY CRAP.... it took me two months of driving past it to just be able to stop in the driveway. Ok going to walmart or cvs or Walgreens to buy diapers, no big deal. The people behind the counter at a pharmacy sell diapers and other stuff so they don't really think about it. The person in a diaper shop knows your wearing them. period. and Ok.....let's make this as crazy as we can. The woman that runs this shop and he sister or daughter ( to this day i can't tell) are both beautiful. AAHHHH what to do! I'm there in a store that sells diaper, Shelves of Abens...Molicares..Big Yellow and blue diapers stacks of them and a 1/2 wall of plastic pants...IN COLORS!!! Ok so you know i'm red in the face. I can't believe this and she's all "Hello how can I help you?"..Ok quick run with it. I take off with my well rehearsed story i just made up at that moment....."I've been wearing depends or a cheap store brand for really light bed wetting due to stress and possible other issues. What do youhave that might be more comfortable?" yeah it just came out and she was more than happy to help, pointed out moli-meds with the mesh pants, had lots of questions about what i considered comfortable. Even picked out a few for me to try on....yes try on, I'm about ready to pass out from my blood pressure through the roof and panic, sheer terror. They had 3 normal dressing rooms, and she let me into one and closed the door. OK WHAT THE HELL!! DREAMLAND BUT I CAN"T SEE STRAIGHT. I was so terrified and it was real. there i was a true incontinent person to this lady tha specialized in diapers and regardless if i needed them or not i was getting treated like a real person. So i happily tried on 2 differnt types of kendall diapers, 2 different molicares, one was the mesh pants with a huge pad. and an attends. I came out with all pairs re folded. to a waiting clerk with a plastic carry out bag, and said i could take the ones I liked with me. I left the Kendall's and said they were a bit thin.. OK that was the final straw, I mean this lady was professional, nice and seemed concerned about my overall well being. Offered two other samples and a few boosters to thicken the diapers, said it would work like a maxi-pad, asked if I ever had dry nights and i said yea occasionally. so i think she could see the blood draining from my face and asked if I'd looked at the other types of protection, lighter pads and waterproof pants. AT this point i need to go, I mean out of there because it was way too much, and i kept looking at the younger girl sitting at the other desk, working away on orders or something. Looked like the shipped quite a bit. And I'm thinking she's like 20 or so and knows more about diapers than i ever will.....does she wear them??!! ( I never found out) SO I ask what i owe for the samples and she heads over to the counter add, add, type, type, ring, ring $5.00 for the mesh pants for the medi-pads. I happily paid, took a receipt and a business card. This store has move location 3 times. She knows me by sight now when i come in, we still don't use each others name. although i'e spoke to her about quiteing diapers around my girlfriends. thickest diapers i can buy cause they are the most I said i'll tell you more about my wife later...but she went in with me once and the lady stayed professional and picked out a pack medium molicare for her to take home with us to try. Yeah! she actually said "here, he's bought enough here you should try this size." My wife (not wife at the time) blushed said thanks and had her very own pack of diapers, in her size from the diaper shop. this was the begining.

    Current day. I am a business professional, nice office, BMW, big house, wife that wears diaper on the weekends if i diaper her, had a dog, have a cat, 2 awesome kids ages 6 & 1. I'm into writing music again - electronic and jazz. I've got a few friends that gig and do live samples etc for me and i lay electronic rhythms for them to jam too. busy life. I watch 2 t.v. shows, House and Mythbusters. that's it.

    Please ask questions...I love to talk about you, me, music, and diapers but that's why we're here, to talk about diapers and about other stuff with people who like diapers.
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    Well. Stories. DJ-ing. Custom Trucks. Stories told with pizzazz not just here's the facts your honour. Background on dl-interest. I vote for intro of the year.

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    Default and so it goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Well. Stories. DJ-ing. Custom Trucks. Stories told with pizzazz not just here's the facts your honour. Background on dl-interest. I vote for intro of the year.
    Muches thanks yous to you kind sir. I don't be still.....

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    Got to keep on moving YouTube - nobodys gonna break my stride

    It occurs to me you sound better qualified than anyone else I could name over locating and getting together with female ab's, and conducting a relationship. Lately a lot of straight males have come here announcing they are on the hunt for ab gf's, and could use a talking to someone to talk to.

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    Default I would love to help

    again thanks for the +'s if any straight fellas are looking to find out how to talk to, create a relationship and bring diapers into it i'd be glad to be a mentor (ha) of sorts. and for any girls, ladies or females who are interested in how to handle overbearing dudes in diapers, i to can help offer suggestions. from the male perspective. Looking back on what relationships i've been in, how involved we were and how diapers had an impact or had no impact, there is quite a bit of learning i've been learned on. my wife is slowly moving out of interest in diapers but that's due to our actual relationship growing into something WAY BEYOND a interest in a's amazing what happens when you start looking at yourself as 'selfish' when you think of how they (your significant other half) start looking to please you in ways beyond sexual. or me focused fell better situations. There seems to be a perfect time to introduce diapers into a relationship in the beginning, that's hard to identify but there are some easy signs, Girls i'm sure you can agree with me on some of these points.

    and oh it's like i'm talking to a group and this is just a response to my into and racoon's great suggestion. maybe a thread could be started. If anyone reads this and would like me to expand on this and have an all sexes and sexual persuasion involved discussion let me know. for now I'm here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by analog View Post

    and oh it's like i'm talking to a group
    Oh yes, oh yes. I like to bear in mind the readers of a post other than the particular person I am responding to; I am talking to every reader, not just OP= Original Poster. And whatever I say, or to whom, I am always saying something about myself, and the same goes for all other people.

    For instance, just in 2 posts, Analog, your enthusiasm shines through.

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    I have enthusiasm because i hope to meet some new friends in diapers. I've never had a single person as a friend that was into diapers other than the girl I was currently with. That's to all of everyone too.

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