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Thread: What do you guys think?

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    Default What do you guys think?

    Look good? I've never used any of those products before, so it'd be cool if some people could weigh in.

    Basicaly this place is a store devoted to diapers of all shapes and sizes. It's right near my apartment too. I havn't gone yet because my bikes in the shop, but I promised myself first thing. The only thing I'm worried about is there's be nothing else in the store for me to pretend to look at while I'm actualy examaning the brands. And it looks like a pretty small store. I'll open the door and go in, and a bell will chime signaling a customer has entered the store. Someone will come out of the back and greet me, and I'll proceed to the aisle with the adult diapers. I'll have to stand there looking at them till I decide which brand to go with, in plain view.

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    Being that they mention that they carry pull-ups and velcro diapers, I'm guessing that any diapers they have are all gonna be cloth-backed, if that makes a difference to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deependh200 View Post
    Being that they mention that they carry pull-ups and velcro diapers, I'm guessing that any diapers they have are all gonna be cloth-backed, if that makes a difference to you.
    Nope. I actualy prefer pull ups or cloth backed.

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    I know this is going to sound strange, but what if you went in with the mind set that you are a TB/DL, and this is your fix. Who among us doesn't have some skeleton in their closet. I would guess that there are plenty of other younger people who go in their and buy diapers. Anyway, they are their to feed your jones, and you are the junkie. Go in, buy, and enjoy the rush!

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    I see they carry the Tena brand. I wear the Tena Supers, which are cloth backed when I need a quieter diaper. The only drawback with them is that eventually the core pulls apart when it gets really soaked.

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    If you plan on spending $80 or more, they say that they will deliver them to you.

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    keep in mind that they're a *diaper store*. That seems to be all they sell... adult and baby diapers. So it's not going to be that strange for them to see someone coming in to buy their products!!! The phobia of buying is all in your head; you can do this!!

    The trick is to just walk in confidently and do what you need to do. I've found that looking like you know what you're doing!

    Failing that, the rudest and easiest way to get service people to ignoew you is to wear big headphones.

    good luck!!

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    Damn I wish there was a place like that close to where I live.
    I would advise you to bring some 'ammo', as in think of how to respond the obvious questions that someone could ask you.
    Have a brand picked before you go in so you have it ready incase someone asks what you're looking for. I would go for Tena but that's just cause that's the only brand I know.
    Anyway, I do not know if it's a first for you but I can tell you it's a huge thrill once you finally get a hold of em.


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    Default Been there, done that...

    Hi Chillhouse,

    I went in there a few weeks ago. It is actually a bit bigger inside than you think - it's a double wide store front, although not that deep. They seemed to carry a large selection of baby products as well as about 1/3 or 1/4 of the store is donated to Adult products (although the shelves were a bit messy when I was there).

    They had two types of diapers (rather than pull-ups, which I didn't really look at as they don't really interest me) were an off-brand with plastic backing which were really thick and a fabric backed diaper (Prevail I think - but not the PM version). The guy behind the cash simply asked if I had been in there before and when I said I hadn't he offered me a sample (I ended up getting one of each). I think the Pull-Ups were Tena, but I wasn't really paying attention to those. The seemed to have some other various diapers and brands in Youth and Extra-Large, but I am medium and didn't look too close. They also had both baby and adult wipes, I believe he gave me a trial size of baby wipes to take as well. The guy didn't seem to be concerned with what I was buying and didn't appear to judge anything - of course that's his business and I imagine that adult diapers are likely a good part of it (and why would he want to embarrass and alienate his customers).

    Of note, the thicker plastic backed diaper held more than I expected (at least a couple of average wettings). It fit ok, but I think I would have been more comfortable in a large size (I have a 38" waist).

    Hopefully this helps you gather up your nerve.

    (How's that for specific information...)


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