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Thread: Hiyas from the dolphin

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    Default Hiyas from the dolphin

    Heard about the site for a while now and thought i would join it as well ^^
    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Hi im Damian the babyfur dolphin

    I live in norway and currently i am studying towards computer related work

    when i first discovered i liked diapers arround the age of 13 i figured i was just a DL, but then things just grew bigger and bigger.
    Once a friend of mine introduced me to the furry fandom i turned both furry and Tb/babyfur within weeks of having a userpage on FA (met tons of great friends over there)

    im quite the emotional guy and can find myself oversensitive at times. I love everything thats cute *giggles*

    My favourite thing to do right now is babyfur RP's and online games (one of them is sadly WoW)

    FA page is @ damianthedolphin - other information can be found there
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    well, i guess thats all i can think of now - anything else just ask here^-^

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    Welcome to ADISC, Damian! I'm glad to see that you decided to join.

    Don't think I've ever heard of a dolphin fursona before.. How'd you end up deciding on that?

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    well, i can relate to their playfulness and i like them alot cuz theyre so cute ^w^

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    Fair enough - They are cute. ^_^

    Cool! Now I know, like, two aquatic furs.

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    Welcome fellow furry! It's a nice place here ^_^ I hope you have fun

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    eeekeeekeeekclickclickclick- you should beable to understand that

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    Damian! I knows you from Skype. :3

    Glad to see you joined up, I'm sure you'll love it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamianTheDolphin View Post
    *giggles and tilts head*
    i said welcome to our site in dolphin of course! what kind of excuse for a dolphin are you?! jkjk :P

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    O.O How did i miss this for so long. Welcome to adisc my cub. *cuddles*

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