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    Huge lover of Banjo-Kazooie and have just completed (Defeated the final boss) Banjo-Tooie. I refuse to get all the jiggies untill I actually get an Xbox and buy an official version. (Or a N64 and the original but I might as well rack up some gamerscore at the same time.)

    Speaking of which, is Banjo-Tooie available for downlaod on the 360 yet does anyone know?

    So Nuts 'N' Bolts, anyone played it, what's it like and what's your opinion on it? I've seen videos on youtube and yeah I imagin I'll like the game, but at the same time I'll be thinking "This should be a platformer and more like its predecessors."

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    as far as i may believe gametrailers/
    (which i obviously do, as studdering craig is an awesome person)
    the N64 versions should both be out, (on XBLA that is...) for a price that equals 15 bucks :_)

    Video Game Vault about Banjo Kazooie (for those who never played and/or saw it)
    VGV about Banjo Tooie (where he mentions that they are both available on XBLA )

    // oh and for those who cant watch these movies, i forgot to mention, that the stop and swop function is finally available in a working condition, thanks to the wonderfull people of rare <3
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    Worth every penny/cent XD

    Man I can't wait to get my Xbox o.o

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    Kazooie and Tooie are on the 360. Unfortunately, for Tooie, aiming is a fucking pain in the ass. The controls are way to damn sensitive and there is (unless they updated it since I last played it) no way to fix it. I was still able to get all the Jiggies though...I think.

    Nuts and Bolts is a good game. It has nice graphics, and just building things is fun on its own. From what I've seen with the franchise or series or whatever you want to call it, they seem to continue to grow more and more minigame-like based. Take Kazooie: not too many Jiggies are gotten from doing a minigame, and the ones that are, really aren't that hard. In Tooie, there are more minigames, and you may have to play them multiple times to get both a Cheato page and a Jiggie. In Nuts and Bolts, the only way to get Jiggies is through minigames. At least they're more creative with it, but I would really like just another game like the first two. It's really nostalgic when you're in Spiral Mountain though.

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