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Thread: I know this is a stretch but, are there any electricans here?

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    Default I know this is a stretch but, are there any electricans here?

    As the title suggests, I am looking for some help with electrical wiring. I need some help hooking up a series of 10 recessed lights to 2 way switches. I wanted to use the wiring that is already there which would be 14-3 on the output sides of both switches.

    Any one who does electricann work the help would be greatly appreciated. If not, my buddy who is an electrican will come later this week and look at it.


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    "hands you the yellow pages" Let your fingers do the walking.

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    Yes I am but there are way too many variables to answer your question as asked.
    10 R150 floods would be 12.5A. OK on 14ga if on their own circuit. CFLs would be a much better option though.
    Wiring issue? What's existing? One lamp on the 3-ways? Just parallel off that.
    If you are not absolutely shure of what your doing best to wait for your professional friend.


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