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Thread: Hello, Everyone. :)

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    Default Hello, Everyone. :)

    My name is Grapejuice. Obviously that is not my real life name, of which you will most likely never know.

    I've been browsing for a short while and decided to join up. I've been a *BDL for 5 years now, since I was 9. It was not clear as to what these feelings were until recently. I have never had the pleasure of wearing anything close to a diaper, however.

    As I joined this forum, and browsed for a while longer, i got an unexplainable rush of happiness and belonging.
    And so I have posted in the introductory forum, and so I will stay on this site.

    ...and that is my introduction. Hope you will accept me here, and for what I am.
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    Hello Grapejuice, and welcome to this forum.
    And yes, we will accapet you
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    Nice gap before someone replied... lol
    Thanks. ^^

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    This happens: threads can get buried when many new threads are created on top of it. You are welcome here, we are glad to have you. One thing you can do is post elsewhere and refer to your intro post by giving a link to it in another thread, in this eg: My dream car is xyz; I wish to expand here (car thread) on what I said in my intro thread . Then, if need be edit the intro thread to include a mention of your other likes (jet skis, guns, fetish music etc.) This will bring people back to the intro thread (which we are assuming was ignored long enough - say 24 hours) which they will then respond to.

    Sometimes there is a sudden influx of many people and one's intro can end up languishing low, on page 2 of intro threads even, where it isn't looked at. This happened for a period, when we got too many new people to respond to individually.

    Like buying more peaches than one had resources to turn into pies; and by the time one one gets around to them they have gone old and mushy and no longer suitable for pie-making; old mushy peaches, left alone, abandoned, sometimes quit coming to the forum, feeling neglected, and like they are not cared about, peaches who are not by nature inclined to be squeaky wheels.

    So if your intro post isn't responded to right away, just keep plugging away; just because, for reasons not a member's fault, their initial post isn't responded to, doesn't mean they are being deliberately ignored.

    You did the right thing by coming to IRC . When a new face shows up there, people do tend to look for the new face's intro post, see it, and respond.

    [edit:] Yes, this post was meant to inform anyone reading it, but especially other newbies wondering why they didn't get a response or at least an immediate response. This would have been in a "newbies forum" if we had one.

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    Are you saying I'm a moldy peach? Heh, just kidding, thanks for the explanation, its clearer why now.

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    I suppose I might have been... No really, just saying that it can take time for people to respond to a given thread, and if the thread is not being noticed, especially if it is simply pushed out of sight by a sudden burst of new threads, there are ways to call attention to it.

    As said before, a new face showing up in chat will cause people to look at your forum posts and profile; if this is wanted, then having the same username in chat and on the forums is helpful.

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