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Thread: A much needed return.

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    Default A much needed return.

    I miss this place....

    Did it miss me?

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    I just returned myself.

    You know you can't resist the call of your inner baby!

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    Nope Can't say we did.... Yeah we did.

    Naw I was wondering where you were!

    What's up man?

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    Welcome back. Anyone who is gone for any length of time is missed. Glad your inner child spoke to you!

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    Drew is MINE! Mine mine mine! *hugs tight*

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    Once you go *b/dl you can never go back. Its a lifestyle that will never go away. Welcome Back!

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    Welcome back buddy. Things are just as nutty as ever!

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    Now now guys.... I didnt stop being TB/DL I just stopped coming to ADISC :P

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